I am (in a few months) going to be setting up a 20G tank. It has a purple gravel bottom but I'm willing to change that if necessary. I definitely want to put my betta Dog in there, unless I get a 55G, then he'll be in that one and my betta Ravioli will be in the 20G but regardless there will be a betta and at least 2 mystery snails, maybe my nerite too if she cooperates. I was wondering what else I could put in there with him. Both of my bettas are rather calm boys, I can set them next to each other in their cups while I'm cleaning their tanks and they don't care, so I'd like to fill the tank up. I've always liked the look of a full (but not overstocked) fish tank! I was thinking maybe some shrimp, tetras maybe, but I'd like some advice before I actually do anything.