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    Feb 2017

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    Default angelfish compatability

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    Good evening all, I was just wondering how well an angelfish or a discus would do in my 46 bow front tank. I have 3 neon tetras, 7 dalmation mollies, one fantail goldfish, and a couple of other tetras, was told they are very agressive, I am very new to the hobby, but i love the way they look.
    My tank parameters are 0ppm,0ppm,10ppm nitrate, and temp is 76.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Timaru NewZealand [south island]

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    Hey there,

    The best optio for your tank at this stage would be to fix the stocking that you currently have, along with fixing the imcompatiblites with the current stocking.

    Firstly off re-home the Gold Fish. They are a messy dirty fish to keep in a tropical tank. That and they grow very large with age, depending on the type will out grow a 46g with ease very fast. Along with that the mess they make, it will start to over load you filtration system, really fast.

    Secondly I would increase your Tetras schools. They need to be kept in shoals of more than 10 to feel safe and happy.
    I noticed that you mentioned other types of tetras? What other types, and how many??
    Another thing Mollies do require a bit of salinity with their water requirements. A species I would keep away from personally, because they limit the other options you can keep.

    RE Angle fish and Dicsus.
    Personally I would look at either option in the future, possibly with a 100g tank.

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    Jan 2017

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    Yes, as Mac said, Discus and Angelfish should definitely be in a bigger tank. One reason is that Discus should not be kept in a group less than 5. They feel more comfortable in larger groups and they will be more healthier too. I have had Discus and Angelfish together now for about a month. I also have them in a 125 gallon tank too, so they have a lot of room to mark territories.

    I read that Angelfish are more aggressive than Discus so I got my Angels when they were tiny and figured they'd grow up with the Discus without issues. They actually all get along great. It's a beautiful sight. ;) Granted, I've only had my Angels about a month but they've grown so much already and I've recently started to notice an increase in their aggressiveness (I think this is normal as they mature - someone correct me if I'm wrong).

    Cichlids (as Angelfish & Discus are) have a tendency to be a little more aggressive than a lot of other fish so choose wisely. Everyone's situation is different though. But maybe if you get them all together, especially when the Angelfish are smaller they will grow up a little more tolerable with each other (the Discus & Angelfish).

    Considering the situation I am currently dealing with, one important piece of information I will leave you with is.....please don't get small Discus unless you plan on having a bare bottom tank and doing a lot of water changes. Discus love clean water and they will definitely tell you when it's not clean, and the smaller they are, the more work they require. And if you need help identifying a reputable breeder, please ask someone here at the AC.

    If you need any other help, let us know! And let us know if/when you get your Angelfish and Discus. Would love to see them. Well, I know I would ;)
    65g neons, black neons, serpae tetras, harlequins, zebra danios, ghost shrimp, cory cats, nerite snails, vampire shrimp

    125g cory cats, nerite snails, flower shrimp, white clouds, angelfish, discus, pleco

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    I'll just give you my experience keeping angelfish.

    I've kept a few pairs (one at a time) of angelfish in my (now dismantled) 46g bow with no issues. But you would be limited to a pair that really get along, or one angelfish. A 46g bow with other fish is only big enough for 3 angelfish max anyway you go, and they are happier in a group of 5-6 like discus are.

    So you could do a pair of angelfish, that's you're best bet with your stocking (after rehoming your goldfish). Angelfish are mostly aggressive with eachother, not much against other species of fish, but it all depends on the cichlid's individual personality. When they are breeding, they will absolutely be more aggressive, and keep all the other tankmates away from their spawning site, I've never seen a pair that wasn't. But if eggs cause too many issues, I remove them. I think it could be done in your 46g with angelfish, but a larger tank is ideal and the way I ultimately went because I loved these fish so much when I started keeping fish.

    Angelfish can be kept at 76f, but 78f is the average ideal temp. Keeping them at lower temps will increase their possible lifespan, but lessen their immune system. I believe discus like the water even warmer.

    I've read that angelfish might eat small tetras like neons, and although my angelfish aren't as big as some like altums, I just don't see it happening. They will eat baby neons though! I think a large school of neon tetras and a pair of angelfish would look amazing in your tank :)
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    Great advice from those above, just want to re-stress the re-homing the goldfish or getting him/her a tank with their own mates. Goldfish are coldwater fish so really can't go with tropical warm water fish. It speeds up their metabolisms, shortens their life spans and can cause other issues like tumors and disease.

    Goldfish are also very social fish and he/she would be happy with one or two friends in a tank with them. Keep in mind that the rule of thumb for fancy goldfish is 20 gallons for the first fish and at least 10 gallons for each additional fish. You also want a filtration on the tank that will process 10 times the tank amount within an hour. So if you have 3 fancy goldfish then you need at least 40 gallon tank (I would lean to a 75 gallon which is better for them) and a filtration (or two) that will process 400 or 750 gallons an hour (depending on the tank). As mentioned goldfish are very dirty fish because they have inefficient digestive systems; basically what they eat goes right through them.
    Two 5.5g- Shrimp tanks; 1st with 4 chilis, green endlers & Bloody Mary shrimp and 2nd with blue star endlers and Blue Dream shrimp
    Four-27 gallon tubs, 1st with my 2 BN plecos with their 2 generations of fry and 12 dwarf corys; 2nd has gouramis, rainbow fish, and female endlers; 3rd has (killer) albino corys, 1 pepper cory and 6 panda corys; 4th is 90% plants and one Diva-the pea puffer.

    75g-now the TUB tanks:
    Nat's 20L Tanks
    5.5 G Shrimp Tanks


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