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    Mar 2017

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    Default SO many questions about my cichlid tank!

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    Hello! So my name is Ace and I joined this forum because I have a South American Cichlid tank, but I am wanting to take it farther. Before I can do that, I need to learn everything there is to know about these fish. I've had fish tanks all my life, but I'm new to cichlids, so forgive the barrage of questions. Here's what I'm working with:

    I have a 40 gallon tank with a sand substrate and 2 live plants. A large river stone mountain is the main feature, as well as a few other little snags and things. My PH seems to hang out around 7.2. My population right now consists of two convicts, (one that has gotten very large very fast), 3 gold rams, 1 blue ram, 1 firemouth, and 1 that looks JUST like the firemouth but the petstore tells me it's a flowerhorn. I've recently lost 2 fish- an oscar and a blue ram- which is essentially why I'm here.

    I am pretty sure I need to soften my water, and maybe lower the pH just slightly to create a more comfortable atmosphere for my rams (they're my favorites). I am wondering, though, what has caused the deaths of the oscar and the one blue. The oscar was one of the larger fish, but oddly docile. The ram, when I found him, did not look at all like he'd been fed on or anything. However, I'm not ruling out stress caused by other larger fish as the cause of his death.

    Basically, I have 2 questions: Am I trying to cohabitate fish that just really don't jive together? Also, what can I do to make this cichlid tank really, really pristine? I am considering peat filteration, and redesigning the tank, so I am open to every suggestion I can get regarding set up. I cannot afford to spend an excessive amount of money on it though, so an RO filter is pretty much out, as well as any high-tech gadgets or systems. I would say if possible, I'd like to keep all of the fish I have. If not possible, I would consider removing some of my larger fish and focusing on rams and community fish like tetras and the like. If you were setting up a brand new tank with South American cichlids, what would you do? Also, what's up with angel fish? Can I put them with rams, in an acidic environment?


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    Mar 2012
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    How long have you had this tank set up? You have some significant compatibility issues right now. The firemouth and the flowerhorn (if it is a flowerhorn) would be much happier in a larger tank, especially with tankmates.
    The convicts, firemouth and flowerhorn are too aggressive for the rest of the stock.

    Unless you know exactly what you're doing, don't attempt changing your pH. There's more science behind it than adding peat to the tank.

    Blue rams and their derivatives tend to be quite sensitive. If I were in your position, I'd start out with several bolivian rams and build a hardy community around that. I personally would not put an angelfish with tankmates in a 40 gallon. Angelfish breeders sometimes keep pairs of angelfish in much smaller tanks, but that is for breeding purposes and is a temporary setup.

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    Hey Ace,

    Glad to see your open to the idea of a community tank focused around rams.
    Personally I would re-home the larger cichlids that you have and focus on the rams, much better for the size tank, and also less compatibility issues vs the current stocking.

    One of the best options and very cheap would be to grab a api master test kit.
    Once you have that, you will be able to keep a eye on the water parameters, to keep a eye out for spikes, and imbalances.

    Whats the filtration system of your tank??
    Also how long has it been running for??

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    Jun 2012

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    The firemouth and convicts are not South American Fish. They are Central American fish (from the North American continent). Flowerhorns are Central American hybrids. None of these fish do well in soft water. They need hard water and a higher PH. A low PH does not mean you have soft water, just water that is more acidic.

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    Mar 2017

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    Heyy I'm new to this forum too asking for questions cuz I just relocated my 3 cichlids today!! Yeaa if you have a flowerhorn which I have, yooo they grow so fast and almost caught up to my Dempsey. Crazt! But all 3 of mine been together for like 3-4 years so they're cool, i just tried putting a peacock eel in there, so far so good cuz he hids in the sand substrat, which u have. But I do suggest turning into 55 like I just did, i have a 40 and that's what they grew out of. Now they're so happy and actually have room to swim! My Dempsey is about 6 inches long and the 40 was not big enough for him and he only has 2 other friend with him.

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    I agree with Mac and Rocksor. Get a master API kit ASAP, and focus on the Bolivian Rams. Besides the compatibility issues, the Flowerhorn and Oscar will/would out grow that 40 in no time. I have a 100gal and it was borderline too small for my Oscar before he died of old age.
    * 100gal show
    - planted w/ Crypts, Vals and Amazon Swords
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    * Fluval Spec V
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