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    Mar 2017

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    Exclamation bloated Guppie trouble

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    Hi I have a guppy on his way out, he has a bloated tummy but the scales aren't sticking out, we've lost 4 guppies in roughly 4 months and three have been bloated, although the one that is bloated now can't swim down whereas the others couldn't swim up, I have given him some pea in a net but let him back out.
    Does anyone know what is wrong with him and what I should do? I have looked online but its not clear what kind of infection it might be.
    Our water is basically perfect based on ph tests and we change the water every 3-4 weeks and try to feed the guppies one flake a day so they don't get over fed.

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    Jul 2008
    Timaru NewZealand [south island]

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    I take it you only have a ph test kit?
    Best option would be to purchase a master test kit. That way the real important paramiters can be checked and monitored.

    By the sound of it a water change needs to be done urgently.
    Best practice is 15-30% water changes every week, for standard tank set ups.

    From your post I take it you only doing a water change every month? How much do you take out??
    Also how big is the tank? And what filtration have you got running in the tank?

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    Aug 2014
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    Guppies can be prone to intestinal worms are you sure that's not whats ailing them? Is very easily spread because if one dies and is infected the worms exit the body and infest the other fish in the tank. If you look really closely sometimes you can see them poking out. The worms are very fine and thread-like. It's very common in Guppies.
    Last edited by Boundava; 03-02-2017 at 12:12 AM.
    Two 5.5g- Shrimp tanks; 1st with 4 chilis, green endlers & Bloody Mary shrimp and 2nd with blue star endlers and Blue Dream shrimp
    Four-27 gallon tubs, 1st with my 2 BN plecos with their 2 generations of fry and 12 dwarf corys; 2nd has gouramis, rainbow fish, and female endlers; 3rd has (killer) albino corys, 1 pepper cory and 6 panda corys; 4th is 90% plants and one Diva-the pea puffer.

    75g-now the TUB tanks:
    Nat's 20L Tanks
    5.5 G Shrimp Tanks


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