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    Default 48 hour experience with clown pleco & rubbernose pleco

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    So a couple of days ago I decided to add a couple of clown plecos to my 65 gallon tank I needed something hardy that would co-exist with my rainbow shark once it matures.

    So I picked up the clowns not realizing that driftwood was an essential part of their diet I have no driftwood nor did I want to really add any to my tank so I decided I was going to return the clowns and get something else not being able to give them what they most need.

    I planned on getting a group of ottos but they just seemed a bit too small and I feared they would either get eaten or be harassed to death.while there my guy thought I had driftwood which I did not so he pulled out two rubbernoses I could not be more happy.

    What an active couple of fish they went right to work on my glass and have not stopped since I brought them home.I know they were not in the tank long just overnight but all the clowns really did was hide you saw them here and there but nothing like the rubbernoses.they have been up front and center lights,no-lights since I have gotten them.I loved the look of the clowns with their markings and coloring but what fun is a fish if you cannot observe them hey they may have warmed up even if I put in some driftwood but I don't think they would have been even close to the algae scrubbers these rubbernoses are and though they may have come out of hiding these guys have been out and about since I got them.I know tank inhabitants may play a roll as well as decor but I do have a tank that's fairly well planted.

    Just wanted to mention my brief experience with these two plecos in case anyone may be thinking of getting one of these two plecos.

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    Hahaha saw this post earlier.
    My rubberlip is a lousy algae-eater hahahah.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G925F met Tapatalk
    No Cory, No Glory !!

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    One of the handful times over the course of 13 years when my clown pleco was visible! This was during the day, mind you.

    Last edited by Rocksor; 02-14-2017 at 03:01 PM.

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    Mine comes out at night, only at night. I don't ever see the candy stripes unless I am redecorating. My BN male (over 5") only comes out when enticed by fresh veggies and then one look or feel of me near the tank and he's is newer female BN is out a bit more, but she is maybe 2.5" so has a lot of growing to too before she also turns into a
    Two 5.5g- Shrimp tanks; 1st with Bloody Mary and Rose shrimp and 2nd with Blue Dream shrimp
    Two-55 gallon tubs, 1st w/ 1BN pleco male, 3 clown pleco, gouramis, kuhli and female betta; 2nd w/female BN pleco, albino, panda and pgymy corys, and male betta.
    One tub with 90% plants and one Diva-pea puffer.

    75g-now the TUB tanks:
    5.5 G Shrimp Tanks
    75g-Goldfish Tank


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    Mine is out at night during feeding and I sometimes catch it out when I walk by with lights on but it darts under the drift wood lol

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