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Thread: Moss and algae

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    Default Moss and algae

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    I love moss and have it going on 5 rocks now. But I can't keep it clean. Seems to be the only place I have algae and the chinese algae eaters sure aren't doing their job. The only thing I can find to keep it clean is the platies but I don't want platies in every tank I have the moss in.

    And idea's?

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    One night with the platies and they are just as clean as can be. Why don't algae eaters work like platies do?

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    maybe food and detritus is settling on the moss more because it is pretty dense. that would add to your algae problem on the moss. just a thought.

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    maybe put the rocks in a place of water flow?
    CORRECTED video of my fish. This link works. For sure. Really.

    20g long: 4 panda cories, 1 honey gourami, 1 apistogramma borellii, 1 male cacatuoides
    20g High: 3 bolivian rams, 12 rasboras
    8g hex: empty
    5g: empty

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    What is the stock? You could try shrimp, they do a fantastic job of keeping my tanks clean.
    36g corner bow, heavily planted with java moss, windelov, java fern, anubias barieri, crypts, anacharis, and african fern. 2 honey gourami, 9 cardinals, 4 neons, 5 cherry barbs, 5 sterbai cory, 1 brochis splendens, unknown number red cherry shrimp
    16g bow, lightly planted with java moss, java fern. 4swordtail tetra, 1 male betta
    10g 4 pomacea bridgessi, a million cherry shrimp, java moss, windelov fern, anubia, java fern

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