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    Jun 2016

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    Exclamation Need help choosing a new fish

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    We have had our tank established since April 2016. We slowly added fish over about 2 months and most of them have been together from the very start almost. We bought all of our fish as small juveniles, probably an inch big.

    We currently have a dragon blood peacock, 2 red empresses, 3 blue dolphins, 3 yellow labs, 1 bristlenose pleco, and 1 Raphael cat in a 110 gallon tank.

    Our issue is choosing a new fish...we had previously bought a lwanda peacock and a ngara flametail at different times. Both died within a month. We thought maybe they were bad fish. Then our longest standing red empress starts to act the same way a week after he decides to color up. We isolated him for a week. He lost his color and slowly grew back his fins. The other fish nipped him a lot more than we originally realized. He returned back to the tank and seemed touch and go for a little while. Now, he is back in his decently aggressive nature, even chasing some fish. He eats really well again. He has not colored back though. We believe all these fish had issues with stress from the other fish. The dragon blood is massive compared to the others (especially because the red empress basically stopped eating for a while; him and dragon blood were same size before his decline), but still a juvenile (maybe 4 inches). Also, our blue dolphins love to chase and nip fins, unless they are put into place so to speak. We have only have 1 young fish not from the original group, that is a smaller red empress. That fish entered the tank in October 2016. It has not grown a lot, but is doing well.

    The reason for all of this information is we want one last fish. We want a breathtakingly colorful fish that can hold it's own against the dragon blood and blue dolphins, but not stress or kill the others. Any suggestions?

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    Timaru NewZealand [south island]

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    Hey there,

    I see this post has slipped through and not been answered. I will bump it for you. Personally my experiences is very limited in keeping Malawi cichlids sorry.
    Hope you get a answer soon.

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    Mar 2012
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    Hope someone with extensive african cichlid experience will chime up soon, but this is what I know:

    African cichlids can be so aggressive that you actually want to overstock slightly so that there are enough fish for the dominant ones to never manage to target one or two weak fish. The stress gets distributed around in a crowded tank. In order to minimize hierarchy differences between fish, you also want to add them all at a similar size at once. From what I see, you don't have very many fish in your tank. Perhaps the newest fish (which you've been adding singly) get bullied to death.

    The cichlids occur at high densities around the rocks they inhabit in the wild, so they are relatively tolerant of crowding as long as your filtration and water change schedule can keep up with the waste.

    What does the decor in your tank look like? since these cichlids are primarily benthic (ground-dwelling), large amounts of craggy rock would help increase available habitat and provide shelter for weaker fish.

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    Jun 2012

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    I never add one cichlid to an aggressive cichlid tank. I generally add at least 3 and I make sure all of the cichlids are the same sex. By adding 3, the new cichlid doesn't get all the beat down from the other fish. By keeping all of them as the same sex, I don't have males fighting for females, and I don't get a pair that dominates the tank during their breeding mode.

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    Feb 2017
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    I am only experienced with betta fishThere is a betta fish and there are few fishes like
    Rummy Nose Tetras
    Congo Tetras
    Cherry Barbs
    Dwarf gouramis

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    Thread is almost 4 months old, OP has not responded once, thread now closed.
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