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    Sep 2016

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    Default Noob Stocking Advice!

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    Hi guys! Have done freshwater for several years but wanted to venture out into the saltwater world. In the planning stages of a 75g reef tank and I need advice for stocking as I am a noob.

    I was thinking something along the lines of:

    Blue Tang
    (2x) Ocellaris Clownfish
    Royal Gramma Basslet
    Longfin Cardinal
    Six Line Wrasse
    Longnose Hawkfish

    Do you have any thoughts or advice? Am I overstocking? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Aug 2014
    NW IL

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    Champagne for the holidays. Cheers! - mermaidwannabe   Merry Christmas! - Slaphppy7   Hope you feel better soon - Silbar   Thanks for the feedback, have a hot dog, LOL - Slaphppy7   You need a friend for Beauty, since Ghost was a meany - Slaphppy7   


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    I am not a SW person, but sounds like nice assortment of fish. There are a couple SW keepers here so I am hoping they chime in soon for you.
    75 Gourami/Eel tank
    Fish room-Astt tanks;all sizes

    75 Gourami Tank

    Fish Room


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    Dec 2014

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    You need a fish! Welcome to the site! - Plecos   Foe all of your effort on the SW tank - Silbar   thanks for sharing your amazing pics - Silbar   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! - Plecos   For getting your tank featured in PFM! - Slaphppy7   


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    Hi only just seen this

    If you are meaning blue tang as in Regal Tang then that tank will house 1 for a couple of years after that it will need more space.

    A 6 line is an aggressive fish and can soon turn into a tank terrorist by bullying other fish and eating any shrimp ect you may keep.

    The longnose hawkfish will also eat shrimp.

    Cardinals do better when 2 or 3 instead of on its own

    Other then that welcome to the salty side :)

    Anymore questions feel free to ask :)
    Last edited by Marty.h; 09-21-2016 at 10:36 PM.

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    Jul 2015
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    Congrats on the new salties - Slaphppy7   Have a clownfish! - Slaphppy7   Happy Christmas! - Slaphppy7   A bit of good luck to get you through Irma. - Taurus   Happy Christmas! - Slaphppy7   


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    Welcome to the salt life, instead of the 6 line look at a melanuras wrasse or a fairy wrasse. Instead of the blue maybe a yellow or kole but like marty said you can keep the blue/regal until it gets to big.
    Hope that helps

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