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    Default Tankmates for my 125g w/ Tire Track Eel

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    So I have had a 125gal tank for a few years. First it was a planted tank with my tropical fish, but they were moved to a 340g tank. After having to give away my first tire track eel because he was eating my neons, zebras and tiger barbs, I got a new one for this tank after the tropicals moved out. Currently lightly planted, with a 13ish inch tire track, an 8 inch Bala shark i rescued from a smaller tank, and a sail fin pleco. Im looking to put another fsh or 2 in that are also predatory and get nice size, so the eel wont eat them. I dont want anything that will out grow the 125g, which is a standard 6 feet long. Besides my eel, i have never kept any predators. Gars look cool, but get big i think. So im looking for some suggestions from the pro's. Thanks!

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    The sailfin is quite a bioload on the 125g, even more than the a common pleco. The bala is better suited with others like it so that they can make a school.

    There are smaller gar looking fish in the characin family like those in the Boulengerella genus. There's also the hepsetus odoe pike characin, which do not generally bother other fish unless they are silver. The bala would be perceived as competition due to body type and color.

    There are smaller upper jaw bichirs that would fine in that tank. The ornate bichir would be too big. The pleco would be a problem with bichirs since some do start rasping on them for their slime.

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    Thank you for the suggestions. I know the Bala should be in a school, but I don't think a 125 is big enough to house 6 of them. I can try to rehome him, but I dont want to give him to my lfs, so they can sell him to some one with a 55 gallon tank again.

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