Hello again,

This evening I went to look at my 125g malawi cichlid tank, and I noticed that one of them had an unusual bump on it's chin. I have been expecting something like this at some point, but this is a little early for this fish (blue cobalt) to breed as it is roughly 2.5 inches, although it's no more than 3 inches. I dont know for sure what gender this fish is, although I'm sure that of my 3 blue cobalts, both genders are represented. I'm just a little worried about whether or not this fish is holding or has a terminal illness (literally 95% of all fish illnesses are terminal i swear a twig has a stronger immune system than a fish). After noticing this fish I moved it to my 10g miscellaneous tank. Right now it is pretty tame, once swimming normally in the 125g, it is just laying on the gravel breathing as if it were convulsing (i can see the red of it's gills and it's intakes are faster than it's outtakes), which is what concerns me the most, and of course the fish is facing the back of the tank so that I can't post a pic of it. Whatever issue it has please tell me how to deal with it in the best manner. Thanks!!!