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    Kurly, if what you have is working ...and it sounds like it is... then stick with it! Honestly I've never tried wisteria in a tank with less than 3 watt's per gallon of 6700K lighting... its SUPPOSED to be a moderate light plant and you're tank at 1.5 watt's per gallon would be considered LOW light by most. When you need to replace you're blub try a 15 watt blub at 6700K color temp( AKA daylight blub). I would not worry to much about the diatom bloom... it will go away as the tank matures... if ya want toss in 2 or 3 Otto's... mine LOVED the diatom bloom I had in my 100 gallon early on. I never had a diatom bloom in my shrimp tank... the 2 otto's in it did like the thick algae I let grow before I introduced them into the thank though... it was like otto heaven!! of course the shrimp also liked all the algae

    It sounds to me like everything is going well for you're tank... keep up the good work!!!

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    Thank you for the encouragement schultz. I am trying to do my best to have a nice tank for both me and my fishies I am allowing some of the light from my window into the tank and scraped off alot of the brown algae from the glass, rocks and filter sponge. Too bad my tank is too small for the ottos or I would have tried that instead of having to do all the work - lol. It does look better for now so I hope I am moving in the right direction. I know not to allow too much light from the window in the tank or I can end up with other kind of algae so I am keeping an eye on it. Some of the plant leaves are still covered with the brown algae so I think I am going to go ahead and get the bulb you mentioned tomorrow just to see how it will affect my plants. I guess I didn't do the correct research on selecting my plants like I thought I did.

    Again, thanks for the bulb information and the nice words! I really appreciate it.
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