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    Default Excessively shy jewel, too scared too eat

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    I had two female jewels that lived in a 55 gallon community tank for a few months. They did pretty well, even laying eggs a couple times but they started to get very shy and were difficult to feed. The other fish in the tank always got to the food first.

    About two months back I moved the jewels into a 20 gallon long with plenty of plants and a couple caves, only tank mates were a couple left over male guppies I had. I was hoping having a tank to themselves with plenty of cover would help but it didn't. One started bullying the other and within days, it turned into a fatal fight. Now I have the one jewel along with a few more (5 or so) half grown guppies.

    The remaining jewel is such a scaredy cat, I can't get her to eat. She comes out in the open looking for food but as soon as I move towards the tank to feed her, she hides. I've tried sinking and floating pellets, she won't eat the floating and will only eat the sinking if I can get them really close to her face. She won't pick them up off the ground.
    She is a little better with blood worms but again, they have to sink right in front of her before she will eat. She wants to eat, she is hungry but is just too terrified to relax.

    I'm trying to rehome her but not having any luck. Any pointers on what to do with her in the mean time? She is starting to go after my guppies which I don't really want.
    FYI, I didn't buy these fish, I took them in when their owner went through a divorce and had no where to set up a tank.

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    Can''t give rep points, but great job on the diagnosis/treatment - Boundava   Sending you a geophagus to  tank you for your analytical powers! - discusluv   Happy Holidays! - Boundava   Happy Christmas! - Slaphppy7   Happy V Day! - WhistlingBadger   


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    There needs to be more dither fish like guppies in the tank, where 5 dithers is not enough to get her out.

    What other fish are in the 55g?

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    The guppies aren't for dither, they are just leftovers from a previous endeavor. The 55 is a coldwater tank with fancy goldfish so putting her back in it isn't a option.

    When I did have her in the 55, there were 6 scissor fin tetras, 8 dwarf gouramis, 2 pearl gouramis and three dojo loaches. Even with all those fish, she was still shy to the point of starving herself.

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    Lets start with your water parameters.

    What's that look like?

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    Nitrites -0
    Nitrates 15-20. Had a hard time seeing the differences with this test.
    Temp 80
    Haven't checked ph

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    Feb 2016
    Federal Way, WA

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    try dropping the temp around 77

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    Dropped the temp, didn't seem to help at all. I may have found her a new home, will find out more tomorrow

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