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    Default I'm a lost beginner!

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    Hi, my name is Gabi, and one day I told my parents I wanted to get an aquarium and they said we have one in the garage. So I went of and got the 10 gallon aquarium and realized there was a fish still in it. After taking to the basement and taking the fish to a tiny tank from the fair I started cleaning it in my bathtub. Long story short you can now see through the glass and the gravel is colourful instead of dark brown. I rinsed out the filter but I think I might need a new one and I put the guppy back in his new clean home and fed him. Now I'm wondering what to do next. I want more fish and maybe some plants but I'm not sure what ate the first steps would be to take. The guppy that is in the tank now should be starting the nitrogen cycle but I pretty much lost beyond that point

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    First read this

    Then go get an API freshwater test kit. Be ready for a lot of testing and water changes.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Be sure to get the liquid API kit.

    If you are using chlorinated tap water, you'll need a good water conditioner as well, this is one many of us here use:
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    First of all, you are in the right place, and there are many people here who will give you lots of great advice. Everyone starts out as a lost beginner.

    I second the advice of Mommy and Slap, get a liquid API kit. They are cheaper on Amazon, but Petsmart/Petco sell them as well. It should have dropper bottles and test tubes with it, not strips. The most essential tests for now are ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. The master API kit has all of them. Definitely read the sticky that Mommy linked to. It gives you a lot of information about what will be going on inside of your tank. As Slap said, you need to get a water conditioner as well to make the water safe for your fish. I like and use the one Slap recommended (Seachem Prime), but I am not sure if you can find it at Petsmart/Petco. They will sell other water conditioners that will work, though. Just make sure that the one you choose dechlorinates.

    Again, welcome to the AC!

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    Welcome, and you have some great advice from mommy1, slaphppy7 and ah00471.
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    Since it already had a guppy in it, I assume it also came with a heater? What about an aquarium thermometer?

    Since you only have a 10-gallon, you won't be able to put a lot of large fish inside of it. Maybe some more guppies, a few snails and some very small shrimp, like Red Cherry or Amano Shrimp.

    But first, let the tank complete its cycle.

    The others have given you good advice about delchlorinating (also neutralizing chloramines, which Seachem's Prime also does), and getting the API Master liquid test kit. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely. One thing they don't tell you, but it's common sense, is that when you rinse out your test
    tubes, also rinse out the insides of the caps. There'll be some shaking of some of the tubes to properly blend liquids, and the reagents will get inside the lids.

    What kind of lighting do you have on that tank? Plants that don't require a lot of bright light are Anubias, Java ferns, Marimo mossballs and Java Moss. The latter spreads quickly if it does well. Good floating plants are Anacharis or Elodia, and hornwort. Your fish will appreciate the floaters. The Anubias and Java ferns have rhizomes which shouldn't be buried in the gravel. Attach them to rocks with fishing line, or only bury the roots but leave the riyzomes on top of the substrate. Buried, the rhizomes will rot.

    You'll need a siphon for doing your water changes and vacuuming the substrate.

    Good luck and much success to you. Feel free to ask us whatever questions come up for you. We love to help.
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    Take the advice from the moderators around here about de-chlorinating your water and keeping a good tank temperature . If I were you, I would wait it out and make sure you could keep the one guppy for a month. If you can, and you enjoy the little guy, start expanding your tank and giving it a good life.
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