So the filter for $31 WAS too good to be true . I kinda thought so, but didn't realize just how good that 'deal' was, that model is supposed to be more like $131. So the seller got yanked from ebay and I won the case I opened because the seller provided an invalid tracking number
Well, I'll keep an eye out for a second hand backup filter or DIY myself a backup bucket canister. Just something to have in case one of the canisters breaks and I can't get it going right away.

Anyway, I thought an update tank shot was in order.
My new light is perfect for my needs. I'm only running it at 60% and some of my plants are growing some large leaves and i'm seeing more color. Although i'm also seeing BBA and a little cyano.Battling those.

I'm planning to propagate the hygro angustifolia (pantanol sp.wavy) across the midground, but I have to add more dirt containers first. I have so much more success with even stem plants growing them in dirt. The roots on this stem are impressive! Tip: That's why I like this stem for tanks with diggers or plant uprooters (fish).
My amazon swords are in need of some root tab, I just noticed.

So for the latest news in angelfish show, my good old gold pearlscale mama decided the platinum was not good enough as a partner. He had many chances, she taught him him fertilize the eggs and everything, but I think he ends up being an egg eater each time. So this time, she hooked up with my favorite blue silver angelfish. This is his first time spawning, I've never seen any type of spawning behavior from him, but there he was, defending the eggs as best he could. I missed the spawn, and by the time the game was over, the eggs were gone, but I saw that platinum in there eating the eggs! The pic is taken post eggs.

So my female blue silver is with a gold marble, and my male blue silver is with a gold pearlscale. Both are not great combos for offspring. But at least now I know that blue silver is ready to go. Thinking about trying the two blue silvers together. They are both my favorite blue silvers. And.....maybe the gold marble and gold pearlscale could make a pair! Their genetics would make a much better mesh. The only thing I am thinking about is how closely the two blue silvers are related. I can't remember! But it's an option to try my hand at blue silver babies like I've been trying for for well....literally....ages I guess....
Still pretty exciting news!
Here are the new love birds.....errr fish :)