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    Sep 2007

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    beer party! - cocoa_pleco   have a margarita on me... - digital3   congrats on the angels! - cocoa_pleco   heres a drink too.... i dont like drinking alone - arkie   have a burger! - cocoa_pleco   
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    Smile Kevin Rudd wins election

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    I know most of you arent in Australia but this is a very excting time,
    our former prime minister is gone and i say finally
    he was an idiot,
    labour is back,

    i was on egde last night watching the electon results hoping and praying that john howard and the libreals would be booted and they did,

    now that kevin rudd is in Australia stands a chance on moving forward,
    labour is for the poor to medium income familys, where as libreals are for the rich and greedy, our work place laws are going to change and our education and health is on the up, finally

    sorry to bore you all
    but me for anyway having labour win and to get a new prime minister is the best
    tetras ,platties ,guppies,corys
    4 bristle noses,peacock eel,sword tails
    paradise fish
    1 male betta, a female betta
    bumble bee gobi, harliquin rasbroas, mystery snails
    angels, gouramis, bristle noses,3 silver fin sharks
    corys ,rainbows,keyholes,snails, 4 bristle noses
    congo tetras,
    breeder tank
    angel breeding pair
    3ft divided angel breeder
    1 breeding pair,fry and ghost knife
    platty tank
    1 river fish,platties

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    Nov 2007
    new jersey

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    Default just curious?

    0 Not allowed!
    Its kinda strange to me, I literally just read an article in time mag about that. Hope things turn out for the best.
    30 gal
    3 black angels 1 black vail angel 4 glo danios 2 opaline guaramis 1 mollie 2 white tetra 1 fem fancy guppy 1 pleco
    10 gal
    1 redlobster crayfish 2 feeder goldfish 1 pleco
    2.5 gal
    4 glo danios 1 albino corycat

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    Sep 2007
    South east QLD, DOWN UNDER!

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    So you can have one - Dave66   I thought that you could use another gift.....i hope you like beer!!?? - squirt_12   good job on tank - Lady Hobbs   congrats on the soon to be kid! - cocoa_pleco   Merry Christmas :) - MeganL3985   
    Myasthenia Gravis - Ovarian Cancer - Sexual Assault - Substance Abuse - Futureboy   AIDS/HIV - DARE - DUI Awareness - Epidermolysis Bullosa - Heart Disease - Lymphoma - MADD - Substance Abuse - Futureboy   


    0 Not allowed!
    He seems so robotic when he speaks

    like a nervous high school kid doing speach infront of there class
    30g Planted - Rocky Balbetta, albino corys, Neons, Bolivian rams
    55g - Australian perch, Medium crayfish, elodia
    10g - holding tank
    5g Hex - empty for the moment

    100g empty
    Theres a man in the back of an ambulance dying for pizza

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