I have a 55g that is a couple of months old, loaded with about 14 different types of plants.

The balansae and spiralis were among the first plants added, and did great for the first month. The balansae melted when first added, but new leaves came back right away. The spiralis never melted, and was almost reaching the surface of the water.

About three weeks ago those two plants started going through a continuous melt, and it hasn't stopped. The leaves will grow in and look great for about four days, but then suddenly melt off again. The balansae will melt right off at the bottom of the stem, and the spiralis leaves will look like someone is just rolling them downwards into a big curly fry before melting off.

Tank params are stable:
Amm and trites at zero, trates between 5 and 10ppm
Temp rock solid at 77*F
pH at 7.5
Lighting ~10hr photoperiod with Finnex Stingray
Substrate is pool filter sand loaded with Flourish root tabs
No liquid ferts, no carbon supplement

The head-scratching part is that these plants did just fine for about a full month, and then suddenly started this continuous melting with no changes to the tank that I can determine, and all of the other crypts that are in the tank are nice and healthy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was really looking forward to having a nice curtain of balansae on one side of the tank...I'll be super bummed if I can't get them to stop melting.