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    Default HELP!! White Parasite on Aquarium Glass

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    Hello All. I have came to this forum many times in the past but this is my first time registering.
    I have 5 aquariums.
    One WAS a 5 gallon with one female molly and a few fry.
    One 10 gallon with Two Goldfish, two snails.
    One 10 gallon with Two Cichilds (Awaiting a bigger tank to cycle)
    One 3 Gallon with a beta.
    One 10 Gallon in which I bought specifically to move the molly and fry to.

    OKAY-Here is what has happened from start to finish.
    In the beginnig, I had a male and two female mollies in the 5 gallon.
    The male got something that had similar symptoms to fish TB (I cannot confirm this) and eventually I had to put him down.
    Then a female out of no where died after having the fry.
    I have 18 and the one female left.
    I went to do a water change for them and notice 3 dead fry come to the surface that obviously had been dead a while.
    I removed them and finished cleaning the tank.
    After I added the fresh water I noticed little white specs that look like dust floating around the water.
    After around 10 minutes (if that long) I noticed them sticking to the glass and MOVING!!!
    I immedietly moved the fry to a temp 1 gallon and tried to figure out how to help the female.
    I did water changes every other day until eventually she started turing red under the skin.
    Looked almost like blood pooling.
    I rushed to buy them a 10 gallon and used water from my other tanks to set this one up. I did not use any of the water from either of the "contaminated" tanks.
    I used Parasite Guard with the fry and female, it only killed one, (only had 6 from 18 at this point, now 5)
    The female slowly became redder in more areas and skin started to hang from her so I put her down as well, just last night.
    Two of the fry act normal but the other are lethargic and act as if they cannot swim off of the ground.

    If the fry die I am not too upset.
    But today I did a water change for the goldfish and beta.
    I changed the goldfish's first.
    Then did the beta, which I use a 1 gallon jug to empty and refill (not the same jug).
    I filled back up and used what was left to top off the goldfish tank.
    I then realized the jug was the one I had been usiong to empty the "contaminated" water from the molly's 5 gallon.
    Now the goldfish and betas tanks have the parasites clrawling around on the glass and floating in the water.
    The goldfish seem to be eating them.
    I put the parasite guard in both, but from my experience it's not fighting this off! Unless the Molly had something else wrong with her?
    I had read up on nematodes and copepods and they definitely are not nemotodes. From SOME pictures I have seen they are similar to copepods but the pictures I have seen are not very clear. I would imiagine it is hard to get a picture even from an excellent camera, sorry I could not provide one either from this reason.
    They are straight with no curviture of the body at all, very mircoscopic creatures.
    I do not want my goldfish to suffer or have to be put down, no less the snails or beta.
    Any advice is appreciated!!!!!

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    Can''t give rep points, but great job on the diagnosis/treatment - Boundava   Sending you a geophagus to  tank you for your analytical powers! - discusluv   Happy Holidays! - Boundava   Happy Christmas! - Slaphppy7   Happy V Day! - WhistlingBadger   


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    It could be planaria, which is harmless to fish. However, the conditions in the aquarium such as over feeding which cause them to grow will also affect the water parameters.

    See link for picture

    Did you test the water with a liquid test?

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    Rocksor is correct. It is probably planaria, and you are most likely having a population explosion because of decaying fish food. They will not harm your fish. I would suggest taking a gravel siphon and removing as much of the uneaten fish food as possible, and then ou will find that gradually, If you do not feed as much, that the population of the planaria will downsize to where you won't see them any more.

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    Old thread, now closed.
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    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

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