Well good news, I found some multis for sale! Theyve been in the tank about 2 weeks now. 2 took up territories in the rockwork and 2 made their homes in the val patches (its awesome watching them live with plants, adds a whole new dimension to multies!)

As a bit of a review, the plants that I went with are:

vallisneria americana var (b something)
cryp parva
java fern
h. bulbitis

All of the plants are still with me. The vals have spread quite a bit, theres at least twice as many of them as when I started. The microsword has been spreading also. The java fern have been fairing pretty well, one of the leaves is sprouting 4-5 new plantlets. The C Parva died off a lot (i didnt trim many of the leaves when I put it in) I thought it completely died but new C parva growth is popping through the sand everywhere. And the H. Bulbitis has tripled in size.

I had a pretty horrific BGA outbreak that started about 3 weeks after the plants went in. And once I started beating that problem Staghorn Algae took its place which is still giving me a hard time.

The multies did quite a bit of digging around the plants but even the microsword with its skinny roots is still holding strong, the two months of allowing the plants to root definitely did the trick.