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    Quote Originally Posted by mommy1 View Post
    Once a tank is cycled a 50% water change a week is usually plenty. But when cycling with fish it is very important to keep doing as many water changes needed to keep the toxins down. It doesn't matter if you choose one large one or several smaller ones, it only matters that you keep the ammonia and nitrite down to .25ppm or less.
    Whelp, there you have it OP. Wherever you are.

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    I forgot part of a line in the equation - duh!!! Correction is in red.

    Quote Originally Posted by gronlaura View Post
    If the OP has nitrites at 3.0 ppm after adding 3 mollies, they do not have a cycled tank. They stated that is was set up a few weeks ago - was that with a new filter and media or with established/seeded media from another filter? If a new filter and media and doing a fish-in cycle, there is no way this tank is cycled. And I agree, these 6 fish do not belong in a 10 gal. Again, get the fish appropriate for the tank.

    They need to do however big a PWC to keep the ammonia < .25 and nitrites <.50. If that's a 90% change, then that's what they need to do.

    Here is the math needed to figure out how big of a PWC to do. It's the same for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

    Desired reading, divided by current reading, minus 1.0, times 100 equals the % of water to change. Very simple math.

    For OPs nitrites - .5 divided by 3.0 (0.16) - 1.0 (-0.833) X 100 (83.33) = 83.3%. With a nitrite reading of 3.0 they need to change 83% or 8.3 gal. Nitrites of 3.0 ppm X 83.3% water change = 2.499 ppm ammonia reduction. 3.0 - 2.499 = .501 ppm after the water change. Simple.

    Nitrites are toxic and fatal to fish. You can argue about it all you want, but the nitrite level HAS to go down. No ifs, ands or buts. Period.
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