Hello all,

I have a 55g tank that's 48" long X ~20" tall X ~13" wide (about). The light I currently have (with two T5HO bulbs) sits about 2-3 inches above that. I'm considering switching to LEDs (for energy, lifetime, etc), and I've narrowed it down to two different fixtures (the Finnex Ray II and the Finnex Fugeray Planted+). I currently dose Excel, and I'd like a light that's bright enough (high enough PAR with the distance) for foreground carpeting-type plants like glosso but not over the top to where setting up a CO2 system would be a necessity. I've been considering setting up CO2 but I'm unsure of whether or not I want to take that plunge yet, because people have said they'd had good results with glosso from just Excel. I might want to get into red plants a bit down the road though, which, from what I understand, require both high light and CO2. As far as the fixtures, I've read that the Ray II is good for deep tanks, but I've also heard it can be very intense light compared to the Planted+. Both seem to have good ratings and reviews in both videos on Youtube and on Amazon, I'm just confused as to what I need for the depth of my tank and for the plants I want (or will eventually want) to grow.

In any case, is the Ray II better or will a Planted+ fixture be sufficient? And should I choose to set up CO2, would an added Planted+ be enough light for red plants?

Thank you for any help!