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    Question Goldfish. To Plant or Not to Plant?

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    Hello! I think that it would be very cool to do a planted 29 Gallon planted Goldfish tank. I've heard mixed views on the subject. I know that they can graze a lot on different types of plants. I've been recommended to try Amazon Sword and Java Fern. Are there any other types of plants you might suggest. Also is a planted Goldfish tank really as bad as a lot of people say that they are? Would this project be worth my time?
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    You might try anubias as well.

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    I have no experience with goldfish, but I do have experience with aquatic plants. I personally keep java fern and anacharis. I like these two species because they do not require root tab fertilizers or a large amount of substrate. That being said, you must purchase a different light than what normally comes in hood setups. And you also must have fertilizer that you just put in the water when doing water changes so the plant's leaves can absorb the nutrients.
    I have two bristlenose plecos and 5 ghost shrimp, which are bottom feeders. They occasionally like to dig around the roots to pick off food but no damage has been done and my plants are thriving. There are new growths on them. Java fern is especially cool to see the new leaves start to unfurl.
    Here is what I use:

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    Also, I have mollies and neon tetras and they like to pick on the leaves, I'm guessing to eat little pieces of food. It doesn't hurt my plants.

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    Aquatic plants do great things for aquarium water and your fish.

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    I am also looking into doing a 40B for a 2 fancy goldfish tank. The plants they recommend, which goldfish should leave alone, are those with very papery-leathery leaves like the swords, ferns, java ferns, and anubias. Plants goldfish like to eat would definitely include anacharis, and hornroot, and some parts of a banana plant. That doesn't mean you shouldn't put the plants in the tank-just expect them to be nibbled on or outright gobbled up. When I had goldfish years ago their favorite was the anacharis. I wouldn't even plant it, just leave it floating for them to graze to death-which they did-but they left my Amazon sword alone.
    Today there are so many different varieties of swords, anubias and ferns that you have a great variety that should be safe against goldfish-unless they are very hungry or have no sense of taste.. Bonus with the anubias and java ferns is that they need to be attached to rocks or wood so the goldfish can't dig them out of whatever substrate you have in the tank.

    These are some sites on goldfish I found when I was looking for information a few weeks ago;
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    Two 5.5g- Shrimp tanks; 1st with 4 chilis, green endlers & Bloody Mary shrimp and 2nd with blue star endlers and Blue Dream shrimp
    Four-27 gallon tubs, 1st with my 2 BN plecos with their 2 generations of fry and 12 dwarf corys; 2nd has gouramis, rainbow fish, and female endlers; 3rd has (killer) albino corys, 1 pepper cory and 6 panda corys; 4th is 90% plants and one Diva-the pea puffer.

    75g-now the TUB tanks:
    Nat's 20L Tanks
    5.5 G Shrimp Tanks


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