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Thread: Breeding Betta

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    Its just a shame that the big box companies have created such a huuuuuge misconception about proper betta care. So its up to sites like ours to properly educate :).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmazonJoe View Post
    Its just a shame that the big box companies have created such a huuuuuge misconception about proper betta care. So its up to sites like ours to properly educate :).
    I hate it when I hear someone say they have a Betta at home and then learn they have it in a bowl. I don't want to be "THAT" guy who immediately gets all judgemental, but I usually do try to bring it up somehow. I usually talk about my Betta's tank and how he loves to swim around and sleep on the plants, and how he comes to greet me in the morning and how he likes to be "pet"... I think they usually get the idea...
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    Default Maintaing a female betta in cruel conditions

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    Quote Originally Posted by waylon101 View Post
    I've had a male betta for a few months now. I went to the local pet store and really fell in love with this female crowntail betta. I bought her and brought her home. I know the basics of betta fish breeding. I didn't buy the fish for breeding but because I liked her. I have the male betta in a 10 Gallon tank and I have a vase in the middle with the female in it. It was fun watching them look at each other and watching the male try to show off to her . I noticed that she is making eggs. If I chose not to breed them will she continue to make eggs? If she does will this affect her? If I did breed them I really don't want 50 bettas. I've heard of maybe having the female eat them? What would your advice be?

    A vase is not an adequate space for a betta, male or female. I would not put a betta in anything less than 5 gallons with a filter, heater, and plants. The plants should be just thick enough to allow for an interesting space for the betta to investigate and enjoy, but not so overgrown as to make the usable space too small for the betta. I have seen a betta in a 2.5 gallon tank and it was sort of ok, but didn't allow room for enough plants. Personally, I would use a minimum of 5 gallons. How can you think a 10 gallon tank is a nice space for a male betta, but a vase is just fine for a female? She has the same needs as the male. However, I have kept 5 female bettas in a 5 gallon tank and they had plenty of space, did not fight, and did not display any aggressive or stressed behavior. I would never keep more than 5 females in a 5 gallon tank, and no less than 5 as the fewer there are the more likely they are to fight. Also, a 5 or 10 gallon tank for one male betta or 5 females allows space for other fish, making the tank more interesting for the bettas and for you and other observers. Endlers, or dwarf rasboras have worked very well for me, but not both in a 5 gallon tank, but 5 of each in a 10 gallon tank has worked fine. I have also successfully used full grown cherry shrimp and other similar sized shrimp in either sized tank. They are too big for the betta to eat, and the betta will eat the offspring keeping the tank from being quickly overrun with tiny shrimp. When I've used a 10 gallon tank I've used the very small breed corydoras and no more than 2 otocinclus. The corydora prefer to be in groups of at least 5 so a five gallon tank is too small. In any case, it is, without a doubt, cruel to keep any betta, male or female in a vase.

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