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    Default Silver Arowana Tank Mates

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    Hello, I am going to be buying a 3 inch silver arowana in about 5 weeks. I already have the tank set up and running with other (cheaper) fish in it to cycle the water. So far I have a 3 inch pleco, a 2 1/2 inch catfish, a 1 inch in diameter silver dollar, and 12 half inch feeder fish which will soon be eaten by the aro. I was wondering if anyone has had an angel fish as a tank mate? I have heard of it a few times from people who have done it, but I have also heard that it hardly ever works out. Do you guys think an angel fish would be worth a shot? I have these fish in a 30 gallon tank. But I will soon be upgrading size. thanks in advance


  2. Default

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    the silver aro will grow fast so you will as you say need to upgrade soon and will need a much larger aquarium in the long run. Which fish that makes good company for an Arowana depends to a degree on which size aquarium you are going to egt to house it in long term.

    I would not recommen trying angels as the chance for success as you have heard is small. getting angels would also limit the options you would have in regards to other fish for the tank.

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    k, thanks for the help.

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    your best bet is to get a 150 gallon or better to raise them in , i would recommend channel catfishes or irredecent sharks or even a pacu as companions for the arro. . .my thing is i have these kinds of fishes with my arrows yet once they get a certain size i will have to find them good homes for the rest of the fishes since they do get big and really if you do get arrows they should be your priority in terms of houseing them , i have a friend whos got a 300 gallon tank that will take my pacus once they are too big for me to house properly , at the moment they are chilling and living the good life eating the best of foods then when you get rid of the rest of the fishes you can start all over and get more of the fishes you sold or gave away...and raise them all over again...providing the fact that you do not feed live foods you shouldnt have a problem , yet the arrows are individuals and you would have to know how they would react to smaller fishes beforehand

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    i would also recommend the 150 gallon my silver is growing fast as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman
    i would also recommend the 150 gallon my silver is growing fast as well
    hey jman , how big is your tank ? my tank is a 125gallon

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    there is another 150 gallon that the arowana will be moved to after the 75 just gotta move some more things around

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    iv'e got a lot of tanks and have a fish store friend who has space for just about anything besides a blue whale.LOL

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    jman its always good to have a few friends with larger tanks! my tinfoil barbs and sharks and pacus all will one day be moved to larger tanks , my arrowanas will stay with me as i will accomodate them in the of my friends all they have are pacu fish and huge tanks so i feel VERY comfortable with them being with them , the sharks and barbs i will have to find someone with a huge tank and knows what hes doing...but they are comfortable at the moment so i just enjoy them

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    just let me know!!!!!!
    i'll take them anyday!!!!!!!!!!

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