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    Oct 2014

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    Welcome! A goldfish for you :) - rebecca_finny   Congrats on lower nitrates - Slaphppy7   

    Default Female betta actually a male

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    Hi guys, long time no speak, been busy working. You may remember I ventured into female betta keeping at the end of last year in my 90 litre tank, turns out one of the bettas I bought has matured into a male, followed by a frantic trip to the LFS to pick up another tank(!) to separate him. he seems to be doing fine, thought I'd share a pic, he doesn't stay still much so all a but blury, also forgive his stripyness the flow on the filter was a bit strong for him, but I've sorted it now, trouble is he doesn't stay still long enough for a photo! He's metallic, possibly a wild type? If I'm wrong let me know. Ps the females are doing fine but aren't quite as pretty. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1421193657.732602.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1421193674.545589.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1421193689.529098.jpg

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    Feb 2015

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    Are you sure looks female to me what breed is it

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    Once I went to the store to get 3 female bettas. I know female flares too but one of them were ultra aggressive and were attacking the others. Some male bettas have short fin and I guess you have to look very closely to differentiate the genders. Body shape, the little dot in the under belly, and other characteristics.
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    Huh. I'm not good at sexing bettas, so I have no idea. It looks female to me, unless its fins are still growing in

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    He kinda looks like a traditional plakat beta. Plakats have that body style with the short fins. Beautiful beta.

    another site on betas

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    Thanks so much for the advice - Slaphppy7   Have a betta! - Slaphppy7   


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    The ventrals look a bit long for a female so I'll say male for now. Any chance you can get a picture of it flaring?

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