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    Jan 2015

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    Question Have I overstocked my aquarium?

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    I just re-stocked/re-designed my 5 gallon aquarium after my long-lived betta died last week and I want to make sure I'm not overstocked.

    Earlier this week I cleaned the tank, and rinsed out the medium-sized rocks I used as substrate, careful not to scrub or scold them so they would keep their beneficial bacteria. I also had an Amazon sword plant, its offshoots, and some Java moss in the betta tank which I replanted in the new setup. I added some pool sand to one side of the tank for show and to give more mass for the beneficial bacteria to grow on. For a filter, I'm using a Whisper 10-30i filled with little bio-balls and about 2 teaspoons of activated carbon inside a mesh baggy. The bio-balls were not from the cycled tank, nor the sand, but the rocks underneath the sand and the plants should help with recolonization right? Anyways I filled the tank up with RO water and gave it a generous dosing of API Quick Start that supposedly has beneficial bacteria in it.

    I stocked the tank with:
    • 2 male guppies
    • 1 dwarf gourami

    It's only been 2 days and already the sand side is looking pretty filled with poop, I think it's the guppies since I've heard their pretty prolific poopers. I'm doing 15% water changes every day, and will be for about 2 weeks just in case. I don't want to buy an ammonia kit if I don't have to. What do you guys think, am I safe?

    photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg

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    Nice set up.
    And no, you're not overstocked.
    It's very risky to cycle a tank with fish in it without an API master water test kit. A very delicate balance is needed as you try to regrow your BB. You must have some ammonia in the water to feed the BB. No more than .25ppm or it can harm the fish. So, you need to make a W/C when ammonia exceeds .25. If it gets up to .50 over night, then you need to make a larger W/C. That's why you need the test kit. And why it should take you a lot longer than 2 weeks to cycle a tank - if you're keeping the ammonia at the right reading to slowly grow your BB and not harm your fish, it should take a month to 2 months to accomplish this.
    Oh - and while there is BB in your substrate etc. most of it will live in your filter media.

    Curious as to why you're using RO water?

    And it's probably the DW gourami that's responsible for the poo. That's been my experience any way.
    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UNLVAquarist View Post

    Earlier this week I cleaned the tank, and rinsed out the medium-sized rocks I used as substrate, careful not to scrub or scold them so they would keep their beneficial bacteria.
    If you did this in a sink with tap water, the bacteria was killed.
    You should take some old filer media of any kind from your old setup and add to filter. This will help seed bacteria to new media. But if any of that was rinsed under faucet...well forget that option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmommie View Post
    Curious as to why you're using RO water.
    You're restoring Akalknity, and GH right? get trace elements back. Tap is a simple way to do this. I like Seachem Prime for tap.

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    As posted, if using only RO water, you need to adjust and buffer your pH and add hardness (dGH). The best way to do this is with a mix of your tap water and RO water. If that won't work you need chemicals, which I can help with (I use 100% RO/DI water).

    Post you tap water parameters (pH & dGH) and what levels you need. Also, any ammonia or nitrates in your tap water?
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    What way were you washing the tank. If you used tap water thats all the beneficial bacteria that was building up gone down the train effectively. + to fshmommie on her answer.

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