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    Quote Originally Posted by Triton View Post
    "Being Harsh"

    I'll judge it - rough lol - just my quick thoughts

    -too many different species of fish, If you can, simplify it, it'll allow for more enjoyment of the planted aspect
    -I'd do a black background, blue is good in marine, but the blue doesn't show off the plants as well
    -get rid of the duck weed ;) (good luck)
    -not a big fan of the mixed gravel/sand on the right side, i'd say bury it in more gravel so that the substrate is consistent

    Tank and plants look great though, those are just my "super judging" remarks :p
    I agree with the above, the black background would show the fish and plants better, and the duckweed needs to go, but very nice landscaping and trimming. I let it go "wild" in my tank. I know trimming encourages growth, and I will do trimming on the lotus when it goes crazy (like it is now) but I only trim when leaves are dead or dying. Well that's if I can get to it before the snails do...

    Maybe a nice piece of driftwood or a nice rock to add to the plants?

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    So I went back and gave it a good hard look. I'll add a few things.

    - I agree with Triton, the substrate doesn't look good. It should be more uniform. I think a black substrate will look good.
    - The right side of the tank is rather thin as far as plants go. That isn't a bad thing normally, except it doesn't look like it was meant to be thin if you know what I mean.
    - I personally think there is a bit too many types of plants. You have the sword which is an obvious focal point. The stem plant on the left side of the tank (star grass?) does a good job over there. But other than that you kind of get lost in the rest of it and nothing really stands out. Find plants you really want to show off and group them tight together so they are noticed more.
    -As far as plant placement goes, there really isn't anything that pulls your eyes around the tank. You focus on the Sword and that's about it. Part of the problem I think is that all the plants are on the same level pretty much. They are all trimmed to the same height and that kind of make it too uniform.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    Thank you compas. Thank was very welcomed point of view. I want there to be more "finger pointing" plant sections. I think bundling them up more and letting them go more wild will be more appealing.

    The right side is just s mystery. An incomplete though. I need ideas haha. It is clearly just staring at us saying do something with me...

    It's just too much of a jungle with no art feel to me. There is a nice "V" you see i focus on. The sword of course in center and my two drift woods on left and right with an open "V"

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