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    Exclamation Need Help Curing Angelfish Please

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    Hi guys. I just joined the forum and this looks like the place to get good advice :D

    Anyways, I have 5 angelfish in my 55 gallon planted tank. One of them has been sick for about three weeks; the others aren't showing any symptoms and the water parameters are OK.

    The sick fish has white discoloration and growth around his mouth and in and around his nostrils. One of his nostrils also has a lesion around it. He also has one glazed/ cloudy eye with some sort of film over it. Not white but opaque. Recently a hole appeared in the affected eye which seems to go right through the film and through the eye membrane through to the pupil. Not pretty The other eye is fine thankfully so he can still see.

    I've tried treating him with API fungus cure with little effect. Anyone know what is wrong with my fish and what I can do to treat it? This is really frustrating because it seems like a slow illness which should be treatable, especially since the fish is still eating ok and seems healthy otherwise.


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    gosh, sorry to hear about your angel and sadly, this doesn't sound good.
    Without pictures it's difficult to tell what's going on but it's possible he got bitten and got fungus that led to infection that spread. Or he could have had a tumor or some type of parasite. Hopefully someone who has more knowledge of fish disease will see your post and chime in.

    In the meantime, there may be some root causes that led to the problem. When you say the water parameters are 'okay' what does that mean exactly? What are the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings? How long has the tank been set up? How often do you make Water changes and how much do you change at a time. Is the angel eating? How old is he?

    As for treatment, I'd start with a large water change. And I'd make daily water changes to see if this will improve his condition. If you have a smaller tank you can move him to, I'd do that also get him away from the others and treat him. Administering medication is a tough call when you don't actually know what's gonig on but I'd be tempted to treat with Metro+. It's a mild antibiotic and may help his condition. I'd also treat the entire 55 gal with prazi-pro which is a dewormer and a good standard treatment for all fish.
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    Well there's no ammonia and nitrate never goes much beyond 40 ppm. Phosphate is around .5-1 ppm. KH and GH are both moderate. I don't know if anyone else has any advice. I might go for the Metro+ if he doesn't get any better over the next few days.

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    40ppm of nitrate will cause health problems over the long term. I would strongly suggest lowering it over the next 4 or 5 days. I would suggest some daily 30% water changes over the next 5 to 7 days. Once complete, I would suggest to double your typical weekly water change amount to prevent your nitrates from creeping up to the 40ppm range again. I would suggest at or below 20ppm would be best

    I have never liked metro. I would suggest a treatment of prazi-pro once your nitrates are lowered
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