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    I am moving in a few weeks, so I don't want to set up a full system just yet. I was hoping that I could keep him alive in a bowl until I move and can get him all set up! My boyfriend got him for me as a gift, not realizing the time/upkeep/setup it takes. I'm finishing my last semester of college, so as soon as I move out, I want to get started again.

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    Good. Then for now, really clean water is the key.
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    How's is the little guy doing since removing the worm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aros2 View Post
    Oh wow, after looking it up, it does look just lik anchor worms! How do I treat it!?
    A good thing that you can do along with medication is called salt therapy. It worked on my ranchu goldfish. Get a small 1 gallon container and fill it with conditioned water. Then add a half cup of aquarium salt and put your betta in for about 1 minute. It is what the vet told me to do when my ranchu goldfish had a rare parasite along with a very bad bacterial infection. The salt helped along with the antibiotic shots the ranchus got.

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