I have three different brands of fish flakes, including Wardley, Tetramin, and Omega One, and I have the original just tropical fish flakes in Tetramin, and also saltwater fish flakes. The Omega One is a mixture of tropical fish flakes with goldfish flakes. These are basically a staple diet, encompassing about one half of what the fish eat. They are nutritious and include protein, vitamins, and vegetable and shrimp matter. Now, I also have freeze dried blood worms and tubifex worms. These are a great treat, and are highly nutritious protein-wise, and the fish love it. I also have Omega One shrimp pellets, which are the oscars and the goldfish's favorites, and Wardley goldfish pellets, which the bottom feeders love even more because they break apart easier than the shrimp pellets. These are all great brands and foods that can be found cheap are great for any fish. I would highly recommend any of them. However, since I dont have any more veggie crisps, I like to feed my fish peas or boiled lettuce and carrots. their favorite by far are the peas, which are nutritious and soft, and help prevent bloat. Now, it is important for fish, especially the larger ones, to have a day or two without being feed every week. This helps to "clear out the system" and also simply because you don need to feed your pets every day. And the last thing to mention is hard- boiled egg yolk, which is very high in protein. This I rarely feed my fish, maybe once a month, because it is messy and for the fact that the fish shouldn't be getting too much protein. The fish love this the best, however and I feed it once a week to growing fry.