These are by far some of the greatest fish I have ever owned, all three of my recently died of old age, they were about 4 to five, maybe five and a half years old. They females were often heavy with eggs, and they had spawned but all the other fish had eaten them. They are very peaceful, and can be kept with any fish that isnt extremely delicate nor extremely aggressive, and should be in groups if possible, and in any tank that is bigger than a thirty gallon. They need lots of open space to swim, but really dont care much about whats in their habitat since they are blind. however, a sand substrate is good, because they love to forage. They eat anything, and will even nip your own hands if you put them in the tank (dont worry they're toothless;)) but prefer sinking pellets to flakes, since flakes are harder for them to find. I first got them a juveniles, they were an inch or so, in a twenty gallon, then moved them to my 55. They lived there for several years, grew to be about four inches, and were always energetic and full of personality. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a larger tropical aquarium!! Any questions on them please ask, or share photos of your favorite tetra!!