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    Red face My Harry Potter Tank

    4 Not allowed!
    This is the magical tank with a bridge that goes to Hogwarts.

    This is Dumbledore. The male Beta, headmaster of the tank.

    This is the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Rummynose Tetras who fly about the school playing.

    These are house elves. Pygmy catfish who keep up with the cleaning.

    Inside this clam's mouth lies the resurrection stone. The clam is impossible to open except by somebody who will use the stone for good.

    Look out for the whomping banana plant, devils snare java moss, and enchanted anacharis.

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    Jun 2014
    Southwest Missouri

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    So fun. Love it!

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    0 Not allowed!
    I do have a couple questions

    The tank has:
    4 rummy nose tetra
    4 pygmy corys
    1 betta
    1 clam
    3-4 anacharis
    1 banana plant
    a bit of java moss
    a hang on side filter and a sponge filter
    15% weekly water change

    I plan to upgrade to a larger tank in 6 months.
    would a kuhli loach be to much in the mean time? what about an otto cat or some shrimp?

    once i upgrade what larger centerpiece fish could i replace the beta with? or is there one that the beta could get along with?
    Remember to use the bubble head charm, or gillyweed, before viewing your tank from the inside.

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    May 2012
    London, UK

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    You could add some shrimp but your betta may pick on them. Don't keep otocinclus catfish alone - they are social fish and should be in groups. I would keep kuhli loaches alone either.

    Personally I think your tank is much too small for rummynose tetra. What size tank are you upgrading to? This information will influence the recommendation for a replacement centrepiece fish. Where is your current betta going if you replace it?
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    0 Not allowed!
    Betta would stay in the 10g with plants and maybe some celestial pearl dannies.

    The tank size i will upgrade to depends on how big my next house is, or if i stay in an apartment. probably 30g or 55g though, unless i can find a bigger one for a really good deal on craigslist or something.

    The rummy nose are very small right now and seem happy in the 10g. Their noses stay red and they behave like the ones i've seen in the huge tank at the LFS. But i realize once they grow a little this tank will be to small.

    I'm also thinking about adding a few more rummy noses to the school with i upgrade. Possibly up to 10.

    I know it would never work but i'd love to have the rummy nose and a flowerhorn cichlid. Is there anything similar? maybe a larger type of gourami?
    Remember to use the bubble head charm, or gillyweed, before viewing your tank from the inside.

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    Aug 2014
    No where near as cool as Mac

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    OMG, love the potter reference, you need some weasleys and harry and hermione plus hagrid for a complete set. Maybe when you upgrade your tank size. You gan then get a gourami and make him Dumbledore in the new tank!

    I have a 55 gallon if you want, Chicago-land area...I also have 2 Rena Filstar filters xp and xp3.

    But I agree tank is too small for the fish and the others are community and like social schools of their own kind.

    If you keep the betta in the 10 g you can add large shrimp like bamboo (filter feeders) or there is a cool one called a vampire shrimp-it is an African filter shrimp but huge and blue. I have had the bamboo with my bettas and neither of them have bothered them. My sister tried cherry and ghost shrimp and they became an expensive and somewhat less expensive snack for the bettas.
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    May 2014

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    0 Not allowed!
    A Hogwarts tank!!!
    I love it :D
    you know you can try putting a honey or pearl gourami in your 30-55 once you get it with about 10 rummys 10 black neons and 8 corys.
    For now your tank seems fine but do rehome the rummys in the future....after that you can keep about 8 neons with your betta in the 10gall.
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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    0 Not allowed!
    I like your idea for the black neons, would they school with the rummy nose or create two different schools? Oh and I've never heard of the vampire shrimp and I just looked it up and I want one! I'm starting to think discus from for when I upgrade if my wife will let me spend $50 on a fish ;) oh and I'm thinking about upgrading sooner rather than later if I can find a deal.

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    I added a nice red plant. Not sure what it is, can anybody identify it?

    and i added some more java moss. I plan to make the extra moss added into two 4 inch wide moss walls for the right and left back sides of the tank.

    oh and look how fast the banana plant grew even since yesterday. The shoot coming off it has been growing about an inch a day for the past week.

    Remember to use the bubble head charm, or gillyweed, before viewing your tank from the inside.

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    Aug 2014
    Okanogan, WA

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    With all the color in your tank you needed a Beta in your site name but I messed up the spelling when I gave it to you, Sorry. Welcome to the site. Plecos

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