I just had a Brain Storm for cleaning my gravel. I don't want to filter the aquarium with it just clean the gravel. Was thinking of making a raised screen grid to put under my gravel to hook to my pump. The remote pump can move some water(790GPH) and has great suction power.

OK, if I just set it up with a hose to the grid with a valve on my suction hose to turn it on while cleaning the gravel. Right now I have a hose that is hooked up to the pump I can clean and not lose any water from the tank. It pulls it thru the main filter first before returning it to the tank.

I know stuff settles under the gravel over time and this may be a way of cleaning it out at the same time cleaning the top with my tube cleaner. It would require taking everything out of the tank above the gravel and doing the bottom 1/2 at a time with 2 grids and 2 hoses so the Pleco can stay in there while setting it up. 2 Grids would put more cleaning suction on them doing 1/2 of the tanks gravel bottom at a time. The grids would only be used to clean once in a while not filter. I don't want a hydrogen gas build up in the gravel with rotting stuff in it.

Any drawbacks others can see I am missing?