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Thread: Stray Cat

  1. Default Stray Cat

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    For the past two months a cat has been visiting, sitting at the stairs, looking interested in going in the house but was pretty timid and would run away if we got close. I've named him Hello Kitty.

    Hello Kitty Jul 2014.jpg

    We started giving cans of tuna whenever he'd show up and recently started giving some dry cat food soaked in water. I've also gotten him used to being petted and understands "come." Trying to teach him a a few more tricks, he's a smart one.

    As you can see I've kind of bonded with him but do not want to take him in and he's not always around so maybe he gets fed by other people, who knows.

    I don't know how strays survive in the winter if they have nowhere to live. Should I make him a little box near the house for him to sleep in? (I can start feeding him in there to get him used to it for when winter comes). Is that enough for him?
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    He's a pretty that you've started to feed him, he'll keep coming around

    Wouldn't hurt to build him a shelter, if you wish
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    You could get a dog house like thing and put a small bed and food/water bowls and he'll do fine, if he gets cold he will probaly come inside if you leave door open, how old do you think he is.

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    I had a stray cat which lived on my back deck. I assume she was my neighbors cat as they have many outside cats which roam around and annoy others which usually doesn't go well. This old girl though never left my yard and kind of just moved in. I fed her daily, treated her for fleas and parasites and even took her to my vet for a round of vaccines. She went from a rack of bones with a thin dry coat into a lovely plump tortoiseshell. I made a bed for her out of an 18gallon tote and put it next to my back door which is covered and protected from the wind. I simply cut a small hole in the tote with an box cutter and put in a warm blanket. We had a particularly rough winter so I would place some heat packs used for shipping fish in her bed. She rarely moved from her little cozy spot....she however vanished sometime in early spring. I hope nothing bad became of her, the SO and I walked several blocks so I know she didnt get hit by a car. My neighbors go through cats and dogs all the time so I assume she ended up like most of their pets...kept for awhile and discarded onto a new owner like trash. We even left contact info at the local shelter so if a long haired torti came in to call us. Point to the the best you can for your stray. However always keep in the back of your mind that it is not your animal and ultimately unless you take it in as your own something will eventually become of it. Thus the neighbors new crop of kittens have been getting tagged on my deck by a water-hose...Im not getting attached nor feeding anymore
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    I must say that was a nice story :)
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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    It's hard to tell but in that picture she looks like a young cat, maybe even still an older kitten. If you do not want to take her in and care for her properly - vet visits, shots, spaying etc - I would find a local no-kill shelter and bring her there. She would at least have the chance for a better life through adoption than that of a stray and would not go on to breed, producing even more strays.

    I got my first cat in a similar way. Neighbors were feeding a stray and occasionally she would end up on my porch and I couldn't resist feeding also. But when it started to get cold, I let her in, bought a litter box and that was it - she was mine. Got her to the vets for checkup, shots, and she was pregnant. She had one kitten which I also kept and she was spayed after as well as her kitten. I had one of these for 16 years, the other for 17 years, along with another feral cat I later took in.

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    Thanks everyone, it's true, I am getting attached but taking him in is not an option (I think for now), just wanted to give him a good chance since he lives outdoors so we feed him when we see him, we don't leave food out everyday. He looks really young but hard to tell since strays always look in better shape and smaller than most house cats.

    But I will see if I can make sort of a dog house thing for him maybe... As for getting him fixed, I mean, there's so many cats out there, I can't start collecting them all and turning them in if you know what I mean...I was just trying to see if I could help him out the best I can with what I have I guess..

    And I always get this feeling that since he's been outdoors most of his life it seems, he may not enjoy being a house cat?
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

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    Remember with Cat's, "they adopt you", not the other way around ;-)

    Very cool story maybe he is one of those that just visits houses for handouts but I would provide him with a warm place to stay also :-)
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    If they're young enough, cats can adapt to life inside although I'll admit there's a lot of crying to go out in the beginning. But neutering helps.

    If it's a non-neutered male, he could be gone for days searching for females. It's a tough life for strays when not neutered/spayed. The males will fight often over females. And it's so cold up there. I'm in New England and I couldn't stand to think of the stray I had living out in the cold. Ok, I'm a softie and I love cats, although now I have just 2 dogs.

    Occasionally communities will offer free spay/neuter clinics at various times throughout the year. If he sticks around and you continue to care for him as an outside cat, maybe keep your eyes open for one of these clinics. It's better and safer for him.

  10. Default

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    I think it would be kind of you to build him/her a shelter for the winter. Just be careful and do not try to pick him up unless he is that friendly. I tried to rescue a family of kittens earlier this year, I caught one and got it in the car no problem, he was sweet. His sibling how ever was not thrilled with being picked up and scratched ad bit me. I had to go to the doctor and get all this discussing medicine, i almost got my rabies shots but did not as the kitten was watched closely and remanded alive. It would be very kind of you to help him just be careful. You could however take him to free rabies clinics if he is able to be picked up and also free spay and neuter clinics. It helps with the homeless animal population. Just be careful and the cats do adopt there owners, you don't have say in it :).

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