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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    it's not just one species but many, many different ones.
    That can be tricky with identification, sometimes....but dutchie's pretty good at it
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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    "they" don't like to chew it. Just some species do. Don''t forget that "pleco" is now used for hunderds of very different fish.
    The more I read this I don't think you were being rude to me just stating a fact. Sorry about that!

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    +1 to talldutchie and plecos. For mature resolution of miscommunication.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Apologies. It's sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between someone who keeps a "pleco" conciously and the many people we get here that plunk one in because "everyone knows you got to have an algae eater, right? The point I keep trying to make is that it's not just one species but many, many different ones.

    Sorry but no, I don't agree with you and here's why

    1. The actual hypostomus is quite rare these days. Not sure why but until the early parts of this century they were fairly common. These days it's Pterygoplichthys mainly (liposarcus I haven't seen in use in ages, though that name was forgotten by now)
    2. Hypostomus contains a few wood eaters, Pterygoplichthys doesn't seem to.
    3. Ancistrus is rarely sold as common pleco. Unlike Pterygoplichthys they require little protein in their diet.
    4. The various species of Pterygoplichthys can sometimes be difficult to tell apart but it's important since there's dwarf ones with only 10 inch standard length and the big ones of 16-18 inches.

    So, I know it's a pet peeve of mine and I sometimes unintentionally annoy people with it but I firmly believe it's important to distinguish between the various species of catfish sold as "pleco" and to pick one that fits the size and conditions in your tank. When kept properly these are wonderful fish that can live for a long, long time!
    Hello; That information was got off this site in the Pleco section. I am still learning about them. 9 years ago this girl was not taking care of her fish aquarium and we did not want to have the fish just die. By the way we have also rescued many goats and a calf or two from them! I just thought it was a Algae eater and could have used one in our Gold Fish Tank. We raise Gold Fish for the Cow water tanks to keep bugs down in them. We just get feeders and raise them up to around 6 inches and put them in the outside tanks for them to get real big eating bugs!

    Having said this that Algae Eater started getting big and I mean real big over the years! Now that we have had it 9 years it is 14 inches long and I decided to spend a bunch of money setting up a better filter for it. It is going to be my job to keep the tank clean and wanted it to be easier to do. I looked into pumps, filters and started reading about them. Then I figured I needed to realey know what this fish was! Looked on the Net and found this forum and dug around in it then started posting.

    We rescue Newfoundlands and have around 200+ animals up to 1800 lbs in weight and feed over 60,000 lbs of hay each winter so were not new to this doing it for over 25+ year. We pull calves, goats and save little ones moms don't like or die during birth. Try bottle feeding 10 puppies or 5-6 Kid Goats 2-3 calves ETC during the winter and having them all live.

    But back to the Pleco it has done real good for the last 9+ years with us taking care of it. Kind of got attached to it just laying there in the day and cruising around at night. We have this touch for animals, even have a Watusie with a 8 ft horn spread and a Yac! We do not have room for a bigger tank and would hate to even move this guy cause he is sorta wild having never been removed from a tank but once when it was a couple inches long. We allways work around him when we clean it. We would also hate to mail him, transport in a bucket the hundred miles to a fish place so he will spend out his life here. I will do my best to keep him happy and clean. Heck even Pro Fish Peoples fish die and get sick all the time and he has been real lucky! His life is more than just a bigger tank and could be way worse. It is 14 inches long and the tank is 4 ft by 12" x19" in size. He can turn around in it real fast and I'm not sure how much longer he will live at 9+ years old. Books say much older? I will post a picture of him when I get my filter done and the tank is crystal clear for the picture. I have over $800.00 into this one fish(we got the fish for free) not counting food so I want him to live! I will continiue to learn more on his care but he might also out live me??
    Last edited by Plecos; 09-02-2014 at 12:38 AM.

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    Rescueing dogs I can see and you have my admiration for tha.t Rescueing goats, I suppose so but a CALF?? REALLY?????!!!!

    Anyway...I suspect this fish is now at full size and they are, as you've discovred they are adorable in their own right.

    As to their age.. we don't really know. There's just not sufficient evidence. Personally I suspect 30-40 years is realistic.

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    My wife hates to see any animal suffer and we have been married for 30 years so it rubs off. Over the past 25+ years we have had to bury 15 Newfs due to there age when we got them Got pictures of every one on a wall. Even when your old you need a home so we take them to give back what they have done for us over the years. We do not understand why people dump there dogs when they get old? They only need a place to lay, some petting, love, food and shelter. Now I got this old fish that will out live me!

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    Recently there was an eel in Sweden that died at an age of 155 years

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