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  1. Smile Mrs. Wayhilcs 55g

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    Ok , the 55g is officially hers, I have been evicted lock-stock and barrel, and she has moved in. So new thread will be entitled Mrs. Wayhilcs 55g from now on. Still trying to convince her we need bigger Aquatic Budget

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    Jun 2014
    Southwest Missouri

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    Hooray for new journal and congrats to Mrs. Wayhilcs!

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    Haha I do too, so does she like the changes you'll do to fish?

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    This will be fun, thanks for starting it up

    For those who may be new to the story, can you fill us in on the origins of this build?
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

  5. Default

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    This saga, which began on 06-21-14, can be blamed on, or credited to AL10, depending on how it turns out. It was then that I reentered the aquarium hobby, many many years after shutting down my salt water tank. All the time I had the salt tank I wanted a round aquarium, but the cost was prohibitive and no large tanks were on the market.

    AL10s interest in aquariums reparked mine, so I set up an old 55g tank that had been setting around for years, along with all the equipment, along with a Marineland 350 Magnum canister filter, antique that it is. All the time I was setting the 55g tank up, waiting for the cycle, patiently awaiting the "day of the fish", the idea of a large round tank kept coming back to me. The search was on, I had to find a large tank, just had to. I spent literally weeks searching the net for this fantasy tank, everywhere from secondhand restaurant equipment sites, seafood market sites, online auction sites and craigslist.

    I couldn't believe it, I found about four between craigslist and on line auction houses. I also couldn't believe the prices being asked for. So once again my fantasy tank became just that a , fantasy. About the same time I got the tank cycled and "fish day" came, I had to go to Va. to help deal with some health issues with other grandson.

    The day after I got to Va. and things had settled down into a routine, I was surfing the net, window shopping for fish, plants, and such for my 55g waiting for me back home. What the heck, just check one more for my fantasy.
    I actually found two more, one at a auction house and one on e-bay, and once again both seller wanted to retire from one sale. I checked craigslist just about the time I was about to call it a day, and low and behold, there it was, had been posted early that morning, and the price was great.

    Couldn't wait until morning, after all it's only 1130 pm, not that late. Called the guy, had pics send to me asked a boat load of question, none of which he could answer, and he lived 7 hours away from Va. Convinced the guy to stick a water hose in it , fill it to the top and let me know if he saw any leaks, yes, yes no leaks. I wasn't scheduled to go back to Fla for another 10 days, and sure didn't have free time to drive 7 hours 1 way to pick up tank. Couldn't believe it, he agreed to hold the tank for me and take it off craigslist, wow, without me even sending any money. It was obvious, at least to me, I was meant to have this tank, now to sell the wife on the idea, my son
    did not offer to sell his mother on the idea, infact when I suggested it, he just kinda laughed and walked away.

    Finally "tank day" arrived, was only about 2.5 out of my way on my way back to Fla. Waited until Thursday night before heading back on Friday to broach subject with wife, after all had to explain why I would be almost 5 hour late getting home. Worked out great, was so upset about me being 5 hours late, she didn't even say anything about me buying the tank. So I set out toward Charlotte South Carolina. It wasn't until I stopped for lunch and called her that the "tanK" was part of the conversation, I'll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.

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    Haha sounds exactly how it happend.

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    What a interesting story! I'm looking forward to reading 'The Rest of the Story' tomorrow. Good Night!

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    What was to be a short stop for lunch, turned out to be a rather lengthy discussion about this tank I was bringing home. Questions like why?, how big is this thing? where are you going to put it? what about the aquarium you already have? what are you gonna put in it? will it far thru the floor?

    After providing , my already prepared answers, I continued on to Charlotte. OMG, thats a big tank I thought when I finally saw it in person. Now I had questions, will this thing fit in the back of my truck?, how will I get this monster into the house?, will it fit thru any of our doorways?, Will it fall thru the floor?

    To late to back out now, so come hell or high water I was getting and using the tank. After measuring and re-measuring
    the tank, the truck, the tank and the truck, we decided it would fit in the truck, well most of the way anyhow. So two other guys and I hoisted this 375 pound, 4 foot diameter (with much grunting and groaning ) tank on to the tail gate.

    It would not fit completely into the truck bed, because of the clamps on the truck bed sides that held the taunea covers in place, time to break out the straps, secured it as far into bed as it would go and off to Florida which was 6.5 hours down the road via I 95.

    Finally home, thank goodness, exhausted, the tank would be spending the night outside, had to arrange some help to unload in the morning. Only in the daylight, the next morning did my wife really get a real good look at what I had brought home, her only response was one I have heard many times, "Only you, yep only you", that over the years has come to mean all was OK, yes, yes, yes, I am home free.

    Got the help I needed, got tank off truck, nothing and no one broke. The next several days were spent cleaning, and disassembling the tank so it would fit into the house. More measuring, with base of tank removed it was 35.75 inches wide, laying on it's side, my back door is 36 inches, the door way leading into the study where it was to be set was only 24 inches, only one thing to do, break out the reciprocal saw. So the study doorway was widened, tank
    was cleaned and ready to be brought inside. Well that's when I realized I needed to have some minor abdominal surgery, not due to anything related to tank.

    Surgery over with , recovering well, but doc said no lifting more that 25 pounds for next six weeks, this man didn't understand , my fantasy aquarium was setting outside just begging to be set up. So after a week of doing absolutely nothing except thinking about set up, decided to play around with some numbers, like calculating volume and weight of the whole set up, and the all important question, the one my wife asked before I did, would the floor hold that much weight. Would you believe there is actually a formula to calculate weight bearing capacity of floor joists. To do the calculations though, I needed measurement, like joist size, length of span between supports, total foot print of tank base, and how many joist would be carrying the load.

    Ok the doc said no lifting more than 25 pounds, a tape measure doesn't weigh 25 pounds, so under the house, pencil,paper and tape measure in hand, got the measurements with only an occasional twinge of belly pain. Did calculations, was close but is a go, floor will support completed tank.

    Four days later, rolled tank from front yard, to back yard, up 3 small steps, squeezed thru back door, thru new study door, got it turned upright off its side, and celebrated with a double expresso coffee. Next several days spend putting stone and sand substrate, and drift wood., filling tank, and beginning cycle process.

    And friends that brings us up to date, my wife acquired the 55g, I got my 140 g, wife is setting up HER tank, and I am setting up mine. Oh, still no more talk about new furniture, think that money is going into a household aquarium budget. There are pics posted in earlier threads under Niger River Update if interested.

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    Jun 2014
    Southwest Missouri

    Awards Showcase

    my fav!  back at 'cha - fishmommie Right back at ya -- cheers! - RiversGirl T.G.I.F.!  I can't drink alone. - Boundava I don't like to drink alone,...  Cheers !!! - Cliff Thanks for the help! - BluewaterBoof 
    Just 'cause - Boundava Yay for SW - SeaLady Happy Holidays! - Boundava Merry Christmas! - Anders247 Merry Christmas! - Slaphppy7 


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    Great story, but you left out my favorite part of the story - when she bought you that nice shiny new net to move YOUR fish to YOUR tank. Love it!
    What kind of fish did you have in the 55 previously anyway? I am not sure I ever caught that part...

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    Yeah NO new furniture.

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