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  1. Default Greenish cloudy water! PLEASE HELP!

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    I have a ten gallon tank with very greenish cloudy water. It's been like that for awhile and this is what I've tried so far. I've been changing the water very often and the I tried withholding food for three days and now I put clear water formula in it and that has been in the water for over 24 hours and has done NOTHING! The directions say that if it doesn't work after 48 hours to add more, but I really haven't seen any change at all and I was wondering if it'd be bad to put a little more in? Or should I just wait?
    The water isn't just a LITTLE cloudy it's REALLY cloudy! It's so cloudy you can't even see the back of the tank! I had 9 fish in it, but the last two days there has been 16(?) I haven't counted, but I only going to have them for a little while and then they'll go to a aquarium store.
    Is there anything else I should try?

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    I would try a uv sterilizer, its most likly green water which is algae particles in the water column, the uv should clear it up in about 24 hours if its green water.

  3. Default

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    They look pretty expensive.....will it clear up by itself if I leave it?

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    How long has this tank been set up?

    You don't even know how many fish are in there?

    How did you cycle the tank?

    What are your water params?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    How long has this tank been set up?

    You don't even know how many fish are in there?

    How did you cycle the tank?

    What are your water params?
    The fish are all really healthy. My tank has been set up for hmmm gotta be close or longer then 6 months.
    I just left the tank for awhile and then got a few fish and slowly got more.

    I don't know the water params. I don't have a kit.

    I just change the 10-30% of the water every week or so. I've been changing 10% every other day for awhile and then I stopped because I can't use water conditioner closer then 48 hours next to the clear water stuff.

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    Not unless there a couple filter feeders in there but that will only be a patch not a solution for the problem, if its green water.

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    Does your tank get any direct sunlight? Lighting is usually a big factor in algae.

    I would suggest to increase your water changes to 50 to 75% every other day for about a week as well as a gravel cleaning or two. I would guess a large part of your problem is that you have a nutrient build up combined with lighting . You really should get a test kit ot confirm this, but in the mean time, lots of very large water changes will go a very long way to help

    I would not suggest a UV at this point. After all, algae is not caused by a lack of UV light, but by a combination of lighting and the correct water conditions which won't be effected by a UV, you would only be addressing the symptoms and not the causes with a UV.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Yeah but the uv steralizer would kill the algae that went through it, and I was only says a uv for the time being untill he can take care of the main prob.

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    Here's a pic. DSC09649.jpg
    All the fish are very healthy. I have 17 fish in it actually and 2 I'm getting rid of asap. I have 8 guppies all small, 4 platys, 2 female swordtails, 2 corys and a pleco. I rescued 6 of the guppies, the cory and the pleco from someone who was going to take down their tank and they were going to be flushed. I'm getting rid of the pleco at least....maybe the cory because he's huge! He's gotta be over 2 1/2 inches.

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    Should I get algae killer?

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