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    It looks like those are tiny moss balls you have spread across the DW.
    They look very nice :)
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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    Spread? Moss ball!??! Oi! That took a lot of hard work to get it to appear like magic. :grin:

    Seriously, the stuff just appeared one day and when I figured out what it was I just kept it in most places. Occasionally I do see a tiny ramshorn snail wearing a tuft of it.

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    I too like my cladophora algae, it is very natural looking...I would actually rather it on my DW than tied-on plants
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    I'd go for some of that kind of algae in a heartbeat. Very pretty.
    The only time I had green algae was when I was fishless cycling my 90. A beautiful line of vivid green hair algae grow on the top of the driftwood. I loved it. It waved in the current and looked so natural. Then, when the tank was cycled and I added fish, it got eaten and has never been back... only the crappy brown stuff.
    Sure glad you asked about your algae MoJo. I'm going to mess around with some other ferts and see if I can't counter act it's growth and cut back on the metricide a bit.
    It's all about evolving, itsn't it? Trial and error with some basic info spearheading the experiment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showmebutterfly View Post
    I have no helpful advice regarding algae, but just dropped in to say that I love your fish! Even as red and black striped blurs they are spectacular. :)
    Thank you :)

    And thank you all for the comments and advice, I just scrubbed down the entire tank and discovered I had a ridiculous about of BGA also. I changed up the light schedule, started a treatment of chemi-clean for the BGA which worked when I had it the last time.

    So in two days I'll begin the dosing with metricide after I do a water change but the tank already looks much cleaner.

    Here's a full shot of the tank, hope you're all having a great night!

    Excuse the phone quality.

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    Wow! Looks great. I love those fish. :)

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    Very nice. Looks good sir.
    Fishes go "pook pook"
    my spell check went on vaction.
    my Mts storie:

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    Looks great, love that background!
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    Once it stabilizes I'd get some tall plants in there. With the metricide vallis might fail but it's worth a try. A bunch of that waving in the background would look attractive.

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