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Thread: Settling in

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    Quote Originally Posted by kailwidow1116 View Post
    So yesterday I stopped feeding did another water change and it was .25 just tested (2:25am) the water and it is back to 0 I m going to wait til later today and test it again. I may have been over feeding.
    Over feeding is a very easy way to produce ammonia through decomposing food and fish bi-waste.

    I thought your tap contained ammonia and I was like shit this dude needs an RO quic hahaha.

    Like compas was saying, doing water changes when adding new tank mates is a good idea. In addition to this, you can choose to also feed less to produce less fish waste to hopefully not cause an ammonia spike from new tank mates. However, some people use feedings to settle aggression between new tank mates and existing tank mates .

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    I feed the tank when I move fish from quarantine to the main tank. I do not feed for a couple days when I put new fish in quarantine though.
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    I lost the dalmatian molly she was dead when I came to check the water again, The numbers are 0/0/20-40 I don't know what happened. I fed the remaining fish a little food. The water feels cool to me but the temperature says 84. I read somewhere that the temp for mollies and platys range from 75-85.

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    The Ph was 6 last time I checked and btw James I am a chick not a dude...:)

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    My bad ;)

    The chemistry of water changes so much while a tank is undergoing a cycle. On top of being exposed to toxic levels of ammoni and nitrites, the changes to chemistry such as pH can provide additional stressed to an already stressed fish. The odds are not good for most fish who see a full cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James` View Post
    My bad ;)

    The chemistry of water changes so much while a tank is undergoing a cycle. On top of being exposed to toxic levels of ammoni and nitrites, the changes to chemistry such as pH can provide additional stressed to an already stressed fish. The odds are not good for most fish who see a full cycle.
    That is true.
    I think my fish are the only ones I know who survived a full cycle......And are now thriving
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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    Thats okay James :). However, I did a fishless cycle. The water number changes were after I did my first pwc with all new fish.

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    If u ever want to when your fish tank is running high in temp drop some icecubs in there. It drop the temp slowly and won't shock the fish.

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    Alternatively, you can wash a plastic bottle, fill that most of the way with water and lay it on it's side in the freezer. This way you don't have to worry about anything in the water (I don't know if the Prime would still be active if you froze it) getting into your aquarium.

    I'm pretty sure this is the method that Slap uses.

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    It's exactly the method I use...I'd be hesitant to frozen cubes of untreated water

    For very big tanks, you could even use a frozen gallon jug
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