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  1. Default Does Dip Method Work?

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    From my experience, the few rams that I kept trying to keep all started scratching on rocks about 2 weeks after getting them. They also had clamped fin, twitches, and near death experiences (floating like theyre dead)

    With this ram that I have now, I did more research and dosed the tank with Melafix and Pimafix for a week. A cory and the ram stopped scratching as much, but it was still there. I then treated thr tank with Paraguard and the scratching was gone after a week.

    Yesterday and today I noticed the ram scratching twice. I did a 30mim paraguard dip yesterday and he's sitting in a dip today, a little longer. Theres an air stone in there as well. It's 45mins so far.

    Do I need to do any more dips? Also do fish jus scratch sometimes like us and it's not a big deal? He scratches the side of his gills on rocks. It's just that the other ones showed severe signs of a disease that I don't want to risk it.
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

    Hardscaped 29G: 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 Diamond Tetra, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Cockatoo Apisto, 1 Crowntail Betta, 6 Peppered Cory, 1 BN Pleco

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    I don't think dips are very effective. For one, they do not treat the rest of the tank which may also contain disease. Thus, the fish is basically reinfected after you put it back.
    Healthy Fish do sometimes scratch/flash. Maybe something got lodged underneath their gill cover, maybe something got stuck on their slime coat. If you see a fish flick itself every so often(once a week, etc) and it seems otherwise healthy I wouldn't worry, but if it does so constantly (every few days, daily, several times per day) then I'd start observing it closely.

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    That would all depend on what is causing the scratching. There is a very big difference between treating: bacteria infections, fungal infections, external parasites, or ick. some of those need a completely different treatment routine while they all can have the flashing/scratching that you are talking about as one of the symptoms

    If it's ick, than paraguard will only provide temporary releaf to the symptoms only

    What other symptoms have you noticed ?
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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  4. Default

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    He doesn't scratch very often. And the cory stopped scratching completely since the whole tanl treatment. All the other fish look very healthy as well. He used to do it a few times a day before I started the 3 treatments. This time he scratched once a day for 2 days, so I thought a dip would help...and no signs of ich.

    The thing is that all the rams did this...but I don't understand why this one is doing it. Before I had a lot of tank issues and it's come a long way and is on it's way to being better so I don't understand..

    His colour also changes many times, I couldn't take pics because my camera isn't working right now. But he's never always the typical whitish look. He switches from dark, to light, to with lines across his body, etc all day. He also yawned a few times last time, now he just opens his mouth alot along the glass and stuff. Not sure if that's normal. He also swims around opening his mouth alot..
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

    Hardscaped 29G: 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 Diamond Tetra, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Cockatoo Apisto, 1 Crowntail Betta, 6 Peppered Cory, 1 BN Pleco

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    Sounds to me like a parasite in there. Gill fluke of some kind maybe.

  6. Default

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    How many days should I do a dip? I did a 30min and a 45min one already on the weekend.
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

    Hardscaped 29G: 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 Diamond Tetra, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Cockatoo Apisto, 1 Crowntail Betta, 6 Peppered Cory, 1 BN Pleco

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    From what I've read you shouldn't be using a scattergun approach to meds if you don't know what you're treating. It can often weaken the fish and cause more harm than good...especially with cories who don't have scales and are quite sensitive to meds. Dips can be quite traumatic to fish also so just be aware of this.

    I'm sorry I can't really provide a more useful suggestion. If there are no other visible symptoms it could be flukes. My fairly elderly barbs occasionally become flashy and the odd one gets dropsy every now and again. Large and regular water changes seems to do the job.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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  8. Default

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    Do you think my black substrate had anything to do with his dark colours most of the time? My cories aren't their super nice colours since I bouth them. They're more. "Muddy" looking. Could this be the reason for the darker colour of the ram?
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

    Hardscaped 29G: 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 Diamond Tetra, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Cockatoo Apisto, 1 Crowntail Betta, 6 Peppered Cory, 1 BN Pleco

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    Yes substrate will cause fish to lighten or darken up, depending.
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