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    What are some of your feelings on Paradise fish, Platies, Killies, Heterandria, feeder guppies, Endler's in 5 gallons? Perhaps I will get started on a 5 gallon model today....

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    Paradise fish get pretty big for a 5 gallon. All the livebearers you mentioned are probably too active. For a 5 gallon I could see a betta or killifish adapted to small pools living in it, not all at once of course. If you made a larger model stocking options would increase a lot though.

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    Yea...I want a 50 gallon pond in my living room. Not!

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    Well, I started building a five gallon capacity Ponder yesterday. It will take my meticulous self a month to complete it (I go really ornate with the imitation rock formation).

    What are some of your opinions on keeping African Dwarf Frogs (2 or 3) in the 3 liter version I posted pictures of? What about a crayfish for the same unit? What about a Betta? What about any kind of newts or salamanders? Any fish that you can think of? 3 or three feeder guppies?



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    Why ask for opinions? You're showing no signs whatsoever of wanting to listen to those unless they are positive.

    But, let me spell it out once more.

    3 litres is almost impossible to heat well so that rules out tropical species. 3 litres is difficult to filter adequately. 3 litres does not offer sufficient swimming space to anything except maybe a very low number of shrimp or snails.

    Feeder guppies are the same species as guppies.

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    I will go against the flow and say this is a really cool idea. I tried to do something like this once, when I was in high school, but I could never get it to work. I love the idea of having a terrestrial space and a water space, just for the plant possibilities if nothing else.

    However, please listen to what everyone is telling you here about fish.

    Since you asked, Nicholas, the 3l version would probably only work for a few snails or small shrimp, as Dutchie said. I don't know how much water space newts or fire-belly toads take, but you would need to design your waterways very carefully--and probably glaze them--to avoid escapes.

    There are several reasons the size is problematic: The biggest is that tiny aquariums tend to fluctuate wildly in temperature and water quality. So if you want people to keep critters in this thing, you will need to address that. What are your "rocks" made of? If it is something with some good thermal mass, it might be possible to keep the water at a consistent temp with a very small heater of some sort.

    If you want to sell these to serious fish keepers, people who want their critters to thrive, not just survive for a few weeks, I suggest at least ten gallons of water space, and an integrated filtration system of some sort. There are lots and lots of great ideas on this site for that.

    If that is too much of a financial, time, or technical commitment, I would suggest selling it as an "Amphibious planter". Either way, thanks for thinking outside the box, literally.
    Last edited by WhistlingBadger; 08-20-2014 at 08:30 PM.

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    Badger said it all.
    The dwarf frogs if I am not mistaken can do fine in a 5gall (correct me if I am wrong) but the water flow should be minimum (once again correct me if I am wrong)
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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    I never said there's anything fundamentally wrong with any setup that allows you to grow plants and have fish. Open topped tanks with plants growing out of them are now quite popular. Interzoo showed the first shallow and deep end tanks on the market which would also be suitable for that.

    This design seems to neglect a lot of the fish necessities. The concept in itself would work well for a setup that hides the equipment and allows for shaded and well light swiming spaces.

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    Make it have a 5 gallon water capacity.
    Integrate a filter into it.
    Make chamber for one of slim heaters somewhere, so those who need a heater can add one.
    Make the water capacity 5 gallons.
    Advertise it as a betta oasis.

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    In a 5g you could do, mosquitofish, shrimp, dwarf crayfish, bettas, african dwarf frogs,and live plants, I may think of more but has off the top of my head, for 3litres, shrimp, snails, tadpoles, and live plants.

    I would also sell a light fixture for it, and a sump design filter in the pics when you can.
    A true aquarist knows what it feels like to step on a sharp piece of gravel
    do as I say, not as I do- William
    I think if someone thinks clownfish are called nemos they should banned from keeping sw tank.

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