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    Lightbulb java moss, amanos, and rcs

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    Ok so jaysee was giving away some javamoss because his tank was overgrown and my grandpa took it so I may get some and I was wondering if the bba would take it over? If so would amano shrimp help? If so are amanos and rcs compatible? If so how many of each thing should I get? Thanks in advance.

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    BBA will grow in any plant when the conditions are right...I have no idea if amanos would "help", but they'll be fine with RCS.
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    Ok thanks, yeah I was just wondering because the amanos are bigger, will amanos eat the java moss? Would java moss help with out competing the bba?

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    They won't eat the java moss and the moss will help out compete the BBA but not by much I would think. Do remember, BBA takes a while to get under control. Don't think you'll be able to get rid of it in a couple of days. I have it in my tank but it has taken me a full year to get it to the point where it has started to recede on its own.
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    Ok thanks, yeah I know I was just wondering because I know more plants would help out compete it, will the amanos eat hornwort? Would they even eat the bba? Would any of my fish eat them?

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    Shrimp don't eat healthy plants.

    BBA is best attacked by improving co2 levels and keeping them constant. Dosing with liquid co2 every day 30 minutes after lights on for 3-4 weeks should show improvement.

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    I have $3 so again I can't afford anything right now, I know but there are stories online that they eat the leaves of it but its hit and miss, how many amanos should I get? Do they eat bba at all?

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    As Talldutchie said, amano shrimp do not harm healthy plants. Most likely the online stories were based on nutritionally deficient leaves with dead spots on them. I've (fortunately) never battled BBA myself, but in my experience amanos do graze on staghorn algae, a similar filamentous alga.
    I haven't heard of any set recommended stocking densities for amano shrimp (or any shrimp, for that matter). I have 15 in a ~50 gallon, heavily planted tank and think I could use quite a few more. I could see 1-2 female amanos living in a moderately planted 5 gallon without requiring any supplemental feeding.

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    Ok thanks, and your lucky you haven't had bba, so I could get a couple in my 10 gallon with mosquitofish, kuhli loaches, upside down catfish would they be fine? I will also get rcs to put in the tank would they be fine? Sorry about all the questions ive never had shrimp exept for ghost shrimp, could I do this with the java moss, I wouldn't beable to fert the plant though.

  10. Default

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    I just read on line that black mollies are a good treatment for bba, don't know about compatability with your other fish or amanos.

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