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  1. Exclamation My Male Betta is acting really wierd!!

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    Hello all,

    I have recently bred my beta's(2 weeks ago) and ever since then my male betta has been acting very strange. He is in a 1 gal fish bowl without a heater and without a filter with a room temp of 74, before I bred them he was doing great in this same set up, swimming around and laying on his betta leaf a lot. Now he does not lay on his leaf he lays on the gravel a lot(almost like he is sound asleep). When you do arouse or awaken him, he darts around like a crazy man but before to long goes back to his sound a sleep look on the gravel. He doesn't eat a lot any more and when he does its like he's attacking it. He also appears to be changing color a little, he was originally dark blue(almost black) but now appears to be getting some brown coloring.

    Any thoughts?

    Platy lovers

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    If you bred them in a heated setup he may be in a shock from temp change, or if the setup had a filter he could also be in shock because there was flow with a filter and he got use to that.
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    To be honest he needs to be in a bigger tank with a filter and heater. Bettas prefer a higher temperature of 80 to 82. Are their any physical signs of disease? Does he look bloated? Does he have a lump right before his tail? How often do you change his water?
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    Could definitely be the living conditions. Especially if he was in a larger tank at all before hand. A 1 gallon really isn't ideal for Betta's, although many, many people do it anyway.
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    An ideal tank will be a 5 gallon.
    also a filter and a heater is necessary
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    Well, if he was doing fine before he was bred then something else is probably wrong. There are plenty of bettas that live in 1 gallon tanks that are very happy and healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightfish View Post
    Well, if he was doing fine before he was bred then something else is probably wrong. There are plenty of bettas that live in 1 gallon tanks that are very happy and healthy.
    I'd question how you can really tell if a fish is "happy" in a 1 gallon bowl with no filter. I imagine the fish is gradually poisoning itself as there is no filter to deal with the waste produced - imagine living in a bath of your own waste. A bare cup of water offers no stimulus of any kind. Betta deserve to be treated better than this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lightfish View Post
    . There are plenty of bettas that live in 1 gallon tanks that are very happy and healthy.
    There are many many more that aren't healthy. 1 gallon is a container, not a tank.
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    This poor fish is living in it's own toilet, no wonder his health is deteriorating fast
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    How is he now?
    Is he still behaving the same?
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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