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  1. Default Breathing at surface

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    My dwarf is standing near the surface(about 1inch under the surface) and about every 1min is going to surface for breating,what should i do?
    My another gourami died last night and he had similar signs.

  2. #2


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    Any issues with the water quality? did you do a water change recently? forget dechlorinator? May want to do another water change just to be safe. Are any other fish in the aquarium having similar problems?

  3. Default

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    Fortunetly the water is clear and i'm changing about 1/4 of it every week.i don't use dechlorinator but i keep the water in a container about a weet befor it enough?
    I changed the water just now. I also have a tetra and a catfish but they don't have any problems.
    Last edited by; 08-09-2014 at 08:56 AM.

  4. Default

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    Sorry that i answered this late i were busy!

  5. Default

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    Depending on where you are, I don't think just keeping the water in a container is enough to condition the water. You'll also need to provide a little more information as well. Answering a few questions will provide you with the best feedback.

    Did it come from tap, a pond, stream, well...etc?
    What size tank is this? what filtration are you using?
    How long have they (the one now) been in the tank?
    Last but not least, Did you cycle your tank?

    All that aside and assuming all your water parameters are within reason, it is common for Gouramis to breath air at the surface. They have the same labyrinth organ as the Betta, but it sounds like something is wrong with your water. I would suggest testing Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Water Temp and PH it to make sure. Also Gouramis can be territorial and aggressive and should be kept with similar fish of the same temperament.

    Someone hear should be able to help you. Lots of great advice here
    Last edited by Fishhook; 08-10-2014 at 02:00 AM.
    55 Gallon: Bluegill
    29 Gallon: Pearl Gourami, Brilliant Rasbora, Bristle Nose
    10 Gallon: Betta, Clown Pleco

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