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Thread: 20g stocking

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    Default 20g stocking

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    Still trying to figure out what I want to do with my 20g. It's fake planted since it has extreme low light from the stock led it came with. Currently housing a male swordtails (from cycling) and my female GBR.

    I would love to get a GBR pair for the tank that's for sure. I'll be buying another male and female soon to see if I can get a pair.

    Maybe guppies for the other fish? I added cories but my gbr harassed them so much I had to move them.

    Not a big fan of most rasboras or tetras. Maybe add a rubber lip pleco or shrimp for cleaning?

    Just kinda not sure what to finish it out with. Rams are a definite though. Thoughts?

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    Shrimp might get eaten and a rubber lip prefers a cooler tank with a little current. You could look into fish that stay near the top of the tank. Certain kili fish (I believe KevinVA had clown kilis that looked pretty cool), silver or marbled hatchetfish, a smaller gourami.
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    I know when you're looking for that special something, "tetras" just seem so common. But have you really looked at all of what's out there? There are some amazing tetras and I'm personally a big fan. I'm not a fan of neon tetras or cardinal tetras, but I have some black neon tetras and kerri blue tetras in my 20 long that I love. The kerri blue is a little smaller than the emperor tetras I have in a larger tank, and mine have even given me one new fry, now all grown up.

    Is this a long or high 20g?

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    I believe it's a 20 high

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    I would go with a clown pleco instead - just a smaller fish. I think the BN and rubber lips can get just a little too big for a standard 20.

    Clown killis are a terrific option.
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    The clown pleco is a good idea. I like mine. Would post pic of him if he would come out and
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