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  1. Default Cloudy Water + Tiny Pollen-Like Things Stuck To Glass

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    Hey all,

    New to the forum and need a bit of guidance here. I just set up a new tank about 3 weeks ago, it's a 45g Fluval Bow aquarium with the LED lights and C4 filter and I've had white-ish cloudy water from day 1. After filling the tank the first time the water was REALLY cloudy and brown so I drained it at washed the gravel much more thoroughly, re-filled it and am now stuck with the white cloudy water.

    Attachment 35696

    I added the de-chlorinaters and "instant cycle" stuff that came with the kit as per the directions as well as the packet of flocculants that came with the filter. After about 2 and a half weeks I tested the water and my results were:

    pH: 7.0-7.5
    NH3: 0 mg/L
    NO2-: 0.1-0.3 mg/L
    NO3-: Approx 5 mg/L

    As far as I know those seem to be pretty ideal results, although I know things can change since it's not a fully mature tank yet.

    I also added some live plants about a week after filling the tank. This is my first time dealing with live plants so I'm sure I'm doing some things wrong. Guy at the pet store basically told me any green plant is going to adapt well to most water conditions and that I needed to use elastic bands or something similar to hold the root section of the plants together for planting. So I did that and buried the root section in the gravel. So far one plant quickly turned brown and died and the others seem to be slowly dying / not really growing. I had been adding some "plant food" or Carbon stuff the pet store guy gave me while I didn't have fish.

    And finally I added a few (4) Zebra Danios yesterday. So far they seem totally happy and healthy, good coloration and they're swimming all over the aquarium.

    I also added some "Crysal Clear Water" stuff, which is just another flocculant before adding the fish. It instantly made the water even cloudier (which I think it's supposed to do), but the filter doesn't seem to have cleared the water at all and I've noticed a bunch of these little white pollen-like things sticking all over the tank, so I'm kind off at a loss of what to do next.


    Oh, and I have some pest snails.

    Sorry about the novel, but I figured the more info you have the better you might be able to help me out. Thanks for taking the time!

  2. Default

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    As far as the things stuck to the glass, it's really hard to tell. Likely just clumps of particulate stuck to the glass. You can also investigate things like planaria and hydra--probably not what you have, but once you know what they are you'll be a step ahead of the game if they ever show up in your future.

    Keep an eye on your water parameters. As you said, the tank isn't really mature yet. With the info you provided I think you may be doing a fish-in cycle at this point. Sounds like this isn't your first tank so you may already know about that, but just wanted to drop the reminder to keep an eye on your ammonia and nitrites.

    I have never had good luck with using elastic, weights, etc to keep plants bundled and planted. I always ended up strangling the plant and quit using them. YMMV. Also, it's not uncommon for live plants to go through an adjustment period. Could be that or it could be more complicated. Some folks have tremendous aquatic green thumbs (I'm not one of them) but I think even they would be the first to tell you that all green plants are not created equal and some are way easier than others. Good luck with them.

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    Baxter hit three good points. Imo planaria or hydar is what you are seeing. Second some plants will adjust to your tank. They look like the might die but come back better. The most important thing is it also sounds like you tank has not cycled. Did you test for ammoina, if so what did you have. If not test for it sense adding fish. Also read in the binnger section under cycling a sticky called cycling thank with fish wrote by LadyHobbs.
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  4. Default

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    Thanks for the response! It does look like my plants are doing a bit better now. I ended up just wiping as much of those tiny white things out as I could and so far they don't seem to be coming back so we'll see.

  5. Default

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    I did test ammonia before adding my zebras and got a reading of 0. I'll test again this weekend to see if anything has changed.

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    Do not add more fish for a while. You will need to ck for ammiona and the others at a max of every two days. This might be a slow job but done right you should not problems
    Fishes go "pook pook"
    my spell check went on vaction.
    my Mts storie:

  7. Default

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    The cloudy water may very well be a bacterial bloom - which is good. You are growing beneficial bacteria in your tank - in the filter media and in the substrate. When water first gets cloudy, that's a good indication that your cycle is well on the way to being complete. It will go away when your tank is fully cycled. You're aiming for 0 ammonia and nitrites and 20 or less Nitrates.

    If you continue to have cloudy water after the cycle is complete, it's possible you are over cleaning. Right now, you should leave your filter media alone. Let that bacteria grow. Don't change out any of your filter media (unless it's falling apart and even then, leave it in your filter with the new media for a while so BB has a chance to grow on the new media. When you do finally clean the filter media (give it another 2 months or so) rinse it gently in water that you've removed from your tank - never in tap water.

    Hope this helps. You've gotten very good info in all the prior posts.
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