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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs View Post
    You change your water every 2 months? Holy Cow.
    GADZOOKS, I missed that need to change your water more often than that, most of us here do it weekly
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    I change 120 litres a week from my 350 litre tank. It's drained out the window directly into a water butt. I use this to water the garden and it's brilliant recycling of nutrient rich water. No fish poo is syphoned out though as it's a heavily planted tank with a grassy bottom so it all goes into the substrate.

    I agree you should be changing water more often than every two months. You should be aiming for stability with your water quality so more frequent smaller changes would be better (and kinder) for your fish.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    There is some aquarium idealogies that rely on little to no water changes with plants. PPS, Walstad, and the Tom Barr non co method all work with or require few water changes. I don't really agree with them but planted tanks can change water changing needs and there is numerous people who successfully employ these methods.

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    Quite possibly, but I'd imagine that it wouldn't be without adding minerals to the water on a regular basis. I suppose it depends on the bioload and density of planting vs. what you're actually adding to the water each day (food/minerals/ferts).
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    I will start using my water in my green house in the basement! I let my tank go do it's own thing, the only thing I do every few weeks is suck any poo build up in a corner and replace the few gallons I take out doing that. Not doing a change doesn't effect my nitrates at all, I check all my levels weekly with all reading zeros. Nitrates register every once in a while, I use 4-5 different seachem products for putting minerals back into the water. Three different frozen foods, and 3 different cobalt flake foods which I rotate everyday with a frozen every 3rd day. Cherry shrimp are thriving, cobra guppies are vibrant and having fry, platies are regularly having babies too in the one corner of the tank. Once a week I will take some aquarium salt and lightly cover the front of the sand at the bottom of the tank to give the fish back some electrolytes there too along with other minerals in the salt.

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    What are your plans for the dozens and dozens of platy and guppy fry you will inevitably have?

    What substrate is that, and how deep?
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    That is a very lovely tank. What plant is that on the right? Or is that multiple things? I really like how it is growing around that stump.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

  8. Default

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    Thank you!

    The majority of the back drop is rotalla indica, there is dwarf sage in there too, moss on the rocks is riccia, and since taking this pic a few weeks ago I've had some Christmas moss pop up... Very strange, shrimp LOVE IT!

    substrate is out of my back yard, dirt is 1 1/2" deep, top is play sand which I had to wash down extremely well since its very dirty. The top sand is 1/2" deep.

    As for the guppy fry I've been giving a lot of them away, others I have been raising in a different tank and selling to LFS. Platy fry have been steadily showing up, nothing like the guppies. I give the platy away too. Lately we have been putting the guppy fry in a koi pond minus the koi. Mosquitos were getting really bad in it, they cleared that up real fast!!! Another friend of mine uses some as live food too for his cichlids.

    I trade now and again guppy fry with some friends of mine who have also gotten cobra guppies from Dr. foster and smith to keep new blood in the tanks. I've noticed doing this keeps some really amazing coloring in the tanks.

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