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    Quote Originally Posted by MattE64 View Post
    Do shrimp grow decently fast there are some at my LFS that are about 1 inch. And the bolivian rams are about 2 inches right now maybe a little smaller. I could buy the shrimp
    And put them in a 5 gallon I have until they grow a little but larger
    I have a single bolivian and he seems pretty happy by himself. From my understanding, as young juveniles they may live together but as they mature, they get territorial against each other to secure the best feeding/mating spot so, some end up getting bullied all the time. I also have amano shrimps in there with no problems and they're about an inch or so. But ya, keep some hiding spots for them for when they want to hide.

    I also had some ghost shrimps in there at one time, which were smaller, again no problems. Maybe if they're pretty tiny shrimps, they may get eaten...The shrimps did look uncomfortable at first with the ram but they got used to him now. They also have pretty good reflexes and dart away if they get scared for some reason. That's my experience though.
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

    Hardscaped 29G: 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 Diamond Tetra, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Cockatoo Apisto, 1 Crowntail Betta, 6 Peppered Cory, 1 BN Pleco

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    I can get 3 amano shrimps for 10 dollars that are about 1 inch in size at my LFS, for that price maybe it is worth a try to see what happens

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    I think it could possibly work, amanos are pretty useful shrimp for a tank, other than the fact that they can get food aggressive towards each other and steal big pellets away from the ram. The ram will spend most of his days at the bottom anyway, the shrimp will have lots of spots mid-top if needed.

    About the 10 neons, I think it's a little too much at almost 2" each adult size I think. Because you have plants growing and it's a taller tank, they won't really have much swimming space. Maybe a lower number like 6 or 8?
    I watch fish. Really. I just sit and stare.

    Hardscaped 29G: 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 3 Diamond Tetra, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Cockatoo Apisto, 1 Crowntail Betta, 6 Peppered Cory, 1 BN Pleco

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    I'd go with a micro fish, instead of the neon. =] I've posted this several times on this forum, but I'm keeping a comprehensive list of micro fish that would be perfect for smaller tanks. I have 3 of the species in my 20gal long, along with an Apisto. cacatuoides (also with Red Cherry Shrimp and Amano Shrimp).

    Here's the list, if you wanted a larger selection of fish that could do well in your tank. You also won't be limited to the size of school you want. You could keep about 15 of many of these in your tank without issue.

    For a more acidic tank:
    1. Paracheirodon simulans
    2. Barbus jae
    3. Boraras brigittae
    4. Boraras maculata
    5. Sundadanio axelrodi
    6. Nannostomus mortenthaleri
    7. Boraras merah

    For a more neutral tank:
    1. Danio erythromicron
    2. Chela dadyburjori
    3. Danio choprae
    4. Rasbora borapotensis
    5. Sawbwa resplendens
    6. Tanichthys albonubes
    7. Tanichthys micagemmae
    8. Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
    9. Hyphessobrycon roseus
    10. Trigonostigma espei
    11. Trigonostigma hengeli
    12. Hyphessobrycon amandae
    13. Microdevario Kubotai
    14. Pseudomugil gertrudae
    15. Danio margaritatus
    16. Pseudomugil furcatus
    17. Hyphessobrycon roseus
    18. Hyphessobrycon amandae
    19. Hyphessobrycon sweglesi
    20. Dario dario
    21. Boraras uropthalmoides
    22. Boraras naevus
    23. Microdevario nana
    24. Corydoras pygmaeus
    25. Corydoras habrosus
    26. Tanichthys thacbaensis
    27. Nannostomus eques
    28. Hara jerdoni
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