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  1. Default Help with ID on a catfish?

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    Hey guys. This may be a futile hope, but I was hoping I could get some suggestions on a catfish species from a description. Saw it at a LFS that's not my regular, didn't write down the species name. When I went back, she tried to tell me it was a petricola, but if it was, it didn't look anything like the pictures I've found of the petricolas.

    She said they reach around 3.5 inches, almost a third of that length being tail. The fins and tail were rather long and flowy, especially for a catfish. It was a suckermouth type, with the gray marbling, very similar to a pitbull pleco other than the fins/tail. The species name was not one that struck me as familiar, so it wasn't synodontis, loricariinae, or parotocinclus. Definitely not an oto cat--she was actually showing it to me as an alternative to the otos. It may have been an hypostomus species or a similar name? Colloquial name was dwarf catfish. Any suggestions, or am I just going to have to wait until I randomly see one again? *lol*

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    Does it look like this:

    Could it be a Dwarf long whiskered catfish (Doras carinatus)
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    I'd never take anything a shop owner tells you about maxium sizes of catfish as the truth. Unless you happen to know that person really is into catfish. Most shop staff I know are pants when it comes to making a species ID in the first place and bad when it comes to actually remembering the information abobut the species.

    If Cliff hasn't ID your fish then how about using

    to narrow it down to the family level?

  4. Default

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    No, the fins were longer. They almost looked like a veiled version of a small pleco/catfish, if that's even a thing *lol* I can't even think of a family to start with--I tried planet catfish but none of their dwarf catfish matched. I'm thinking it's just one of those that if I find it again, great, otherwise she's getting Pitbull Plecos or Oto cats in her tank since she's dead set on having suckerfish. Otos are good for taking algae off plants, so we may just stick with the original plan of Otos.

    Thanks guys. Appreciate it. ^.^

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    Long flowing fins sounds like a longfin bristlenose to me, try google for images and see if that's it.
    As for misnamed or improper ID's on fish, I once picked up a baby electric catfish (pretty distinct critters they are) from a dept. store (many years ago, before Wal-Mart) that was sold to me as a pleco.
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    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

  6. Default

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    What size was the one you saw? Has a long finned cory been ruled out?
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  7. Default

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    Definitely not a cory, unless corys come in sucker fish style and I've managed to miss them--one was working on the glass of the tank when I looked. Checked out the longfin bristlenoses and, while similar, these little guys had two less fins--they had the pectoral fins, but not the lower set all the pics showed for the bristles. And no bristles on the face, I don't think. The ones she had at the time were maybe 2, 2.5 inches long including tail, but I was told there was still some growth that would occur.


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    BN that size wouldn't have bristles yet, pretty well all pleco's of any type have the same number of fins. Only other suckermouth that comes to mind are Sewellia, usually called hillstream loaches or butterfly pleco's.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

  9. Default

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    Ok. Very possible I remembered wrong. I do know she insisted it wasn't a bristlenose,as I flat told her not interested in one of those.

    Anyone know how good pitbull plecos are with plants? *lol*

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    Pretty good. They're not very good with the higher temperatures most people prefer in their aquariums, more a temperate species really.

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