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  1. Default Clean up crew with bolivian ram?

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    I am going to stock my 20 gallon with 1 bolivian ram and approximately 10 neon tetra, does anyone have a suggestion for a good algae eater to be placed with the bolivian ram? I wanted to add red cheery shrimp but this won't work with the ram in there

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    How about a Rubberlip Pleco? Also can go by Rubbernose Pleco or my favorite Bulldog Pleco. The article mentions 3 inches for size, though I've read in many other places it's more like 5. A suitable fish for your tank size and shouldn't be messed with or mess with the other fish.
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  3. Default

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    Can plecos be kept as a single fish or do they prefer groups I've read mixed things on the internet

  4. Default

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    Plecos can be kept alone. You could also look at otos. These you would want to get in a group.

  5. Default

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    How many otos should I get, would 3 be enough or do they prefer larger groups?

    Thank you

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    Three or more like six. Six would be best. There are two good threads in the section other catfish on otos. Worth reading.
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  8. Default

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    Would a few nerite snails work too? I heard they need brackish water to breed and the ram would eat babies anyway wouldn't it?

  9. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattE64 View Post
    Would a few nerite snails work too? I heard they need brackish water to breed and the ram would eat babies anyway wouldn't it?... How many otos should I get, would 3 be enough or do they prefer larger groups?
    I have a Bolivian ram, and he does well with Amano shrimp, I have 3 in there with him. They eat things like hair algae, brown algae, Sometimes soft black beard algae, detritus, waste, leftover food, and I even see them munching on the driftwood.

    I had a single female nerite to avoid over population but she did lay eggs all over the driftwood, they're actually still there and hard to remove. I don't think unfertilized eggs hatch but they will stay in place for a really long time, none of the fish touch it. That being said, she was an AMAZING cleaner, if I ever find a male one, I will definitely add him to the tank.

    I also tried adding 6 otos, 5 died within the first few days for unknown reasons and I had one survive the longest. But you would need alot of algae to keep 6 otos happy and healthy and they never ate any wafers unless I smeared it onto the glass, that's sort of a trick I noticed worked. That lone oto also seemed to school with the Harlequins which was neat. That's just from my experience of course.
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  10. Default

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    Awesone so amano shrimp would work? The ram never bothers them? I really like shrimp and want some in my tank but just assumed rams would eat any kind

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