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  • Fire Belly Newt

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    So far I have six species of plants. Not all are true aquatic plants; One, is even experimental.

    Experimental :

    Pothos / Devil's Vine : 2x - Doing very well, shooting roots and new growth.
    Airplane / Spider Plant : 1 - Shows new growth, no current signs of stress.

    True Aquatic :

    Rotala Indica : 10 / 6 Stems - 10 Stems Store Bought / 6 Stems Wild ( Wild is Fuller / Greener)
    Mystery Plant 1 : like a Rotala, but with stiffer almost pine like growth.
    Mystery Plant 2 : Kelp like plant. Long broad leaves in oppositional axis growth.
    Mystery Plant 3 : Grass like plant. Shimmering green leaves, spreads by root.

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    The pothos will do very well. Not sure if the leaves that are submersed will stay but I have it rooting into my tank with the plant growing on my hood. Very good plant for nitrate busting.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    Video of my diaphram reservoir in action.

    Buildup and purge of pressure. Supports Airplane Plant, Submerged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennismbird View Post
    There is one show beta for now.

    I plan on a pair of angels and a school of neon tetras.
    Any similar reccomendations. I'm looking for two main fish and a small school.

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    Everything I've read here says do not house angels and neons together as the neons could become snacks - that's why I never owned an angel - had a school of neons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imma24 View Post
    Everything I've read here says do not house angels and neons together as the neons could become snacks - that's why I never owned an angel - had a school of neons.
    Although I've heard this many times I've never experienced it. I had them co-habitating on several previous tanks. But I've always had ample hiding spaces. So that could be a big factor to my supposed successes there...

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    So I finally heard back from Oceanic today.
    Apparently, considering the dimensions, finish and decals; This is a custom buit 37.5 gallon tank. The representitive said they did not catalogue anything with this exact size. It was apatently ordered in the same rough dimensions as a 75 gallon, but cut in half lengthwise.
    Last edited by dennismbird; 07-16-2014 at 08:07 PM.

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    So after being up and running with the beta for now.

    I've noticed a few things. I want more flow in the filter, but I also want less current. And I still want to hide everything better.

    So I sat down and lit an inspiration stick. I decided to use stone or brick to make a 3D backdrop. I also got a good idea to extend the lift tubes to the top of the tank. That would solve those issues with the filter. Now I have 2 x 15" of uplift tube. mmm.

    The bricks I ended up finding quite quickly too. I had some really old bricks on my rental property. Overstock from a long ago repair. Too old to use as structual bricks again. So I yanked up 9. I placed them in a rubbermaid tote and cycled hot water until they did all their leeching and seeping. Once clean I emptied the tank, mostly. Then I created a backdrop with lots of passages and spaces for smaller fish and fry to hide out. It also gave me a great way to aquascape in the vertical, with lots of nooks for plants too.

    Video to follow soon.

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    Video Tour

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    Went store fishing today.

    Brought back 2 baby Angels, 3 Cardinal Tetras & 3 Glass / Ghost Shrimp.

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